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How to Avoid the Flu - 6 Tips from Chempro

How to Avoid the Flu - 6 Tips from Chempro


Are you wondering how to avoid the flu? As another flu season grips the Gold Coast, who better to turn to for advice about avoiding the scourge than the team from Chempro Surfers Renaissance?

Their expert pharmacists and customer service staff spend their days providing customers with the medicines they need to ward off and recover from the dreaded flu – and those days have been particularly busy of late.

They stock a great range of immune system support products from metagenics and orthoplex that will ensure you stay health throughout winter.

The Gold Coast is having a particularly bad flu season, with Queensland Health recently reporting there have been almost four times as many lab-confirmed cases so far this year than in 2018.

The Chempro Surfers Renaissance team and neighbouring Chevron Renaissance Medical Centre are doing their best to ensure people not only find comfort but learn how to avoid the flu in the first place and that education now extends to you, with the following top tips for avoiding colds and influenza.

So, here you have it - how to avoid the flu:


The best way to protect yourself from the flu and stop its spread is to get vaccinated. Injected in the arm, the flu shot is a form of the vaccine that targets three or four types of flu viruses that are most likely to make you sick during the season. Almost everyone older than six months of age should get a flu vaccine every year.



Remember when your parents used to constantly nag you to wash your hands as a wee tacker? Well, it turns out they were on to something. It sounds so simple but soap and water are your best friend during flu season. People should wash their hands as much as they can – and then wash them again, especially if they’ve been exposed to someone who is sick. To completely rid your skin of viruses, you need to scrub hard for at least 20 seconds and it doesn’t matter if the water’s hot or cold – just doing it is what matters.


Soap and water aren’t always conveniently located but you can carry the next best thing in your pocket for such moments. Chempro Chevron Renaissance stocks an array of alcohol-based hand sanitisers that will kill cold and flu germs as quickly as they make their way onto your hands.


It’s impractical to avoid sick people completely but you can control how you close you get to them. People tend to understand if you politely explain that you aren’t shaking hands to lower the chances of spreading colds and flus and, in fact, many will soon jump aboard the germ-free train with you.


It’s one thing to be tidy - it’s another to be clean. Be it at home or work, routinely wiping down benchtops or desk spaces with a sanitiser will go a long way to lowering your chances of picking up a virus. It may sound like overkill but instead think of it as awareness. Still not convinced? Think how many different sets of hands have touched that desk or benchtop. Yes – that’s a lot of hands, isn’t it?



While you can’t guarantee that you’ll never catch the flu, you can control your lifestyle. The less healthy you are, the more chance a virus has of grabbing hold. Getting plenty of rest, good nutrition, exercising, moderating alcohol intake and not smoking will put you a long way ahead of the game. Chempro Surfers Renaissance staff can also talk to you about how vitamins and supplements can boost your immune system.


If you have any questions about how to avoid the flu - or how to get rid of it ASAP if you’ve caught it already - drop into Chempro at Chevron Renaissance today. They’re flu experts!