Modern Australian Cuisine with a twist.

Vatra has just opened at Chevron Renaissance.

The Gold Coast's premium new dining destination Vatra, located in the heart of Surfers Paradise.

When summertime heat threatens to bring you down, boost yourself back up with a refreshing drink from Chevron Renaissance Shopping Centre. Check out the sensational summer beverages available now from a number of shops.


We don't know anybody who can go past these irresistible vegetarian rice paper rolls! 


Wondering how to avoid the flu? Who better to turn to for advice about avoiding the scourge than the team from Chempro Surfers Renaissance?!


Looking for an activity to bring your work team closer together? Visiting the Gold Coast soon? Having trouble keeping the kids entertained? Or perhaps you're simply after some fun?

Australia’s native Red Kangaroo is not only the mightiest of its breed with the largest size and the most power, but it’s also very unique as its Testis are treasurer of an essence so remarkable that it can work Herculean wonders for a man’s libido. Kangaroos demonstrate an astounding strength and energy and are renowned for their strong re-productivity, which men too are now able to benefit from for improving both their nutrition and health.

Embrace the Power of Self-Care: Your Guide to a Blissful Day.



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