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Detox your skin

21 Sep 2016

Detox your skin

The crispness of a good clean goes hand in hand with new blossoms and fresh spring rain, doesn’t it?

Just as our houses need a deep clean once in awhile, so does our skin. Days of applying makeup, working in a city, smearing on sunscreen, will cause buildup not only on the surface of our dermis, but in our pores as well. This makes skin look dull and can cause breakouts.

If you haven’t embarked on one recently, NOW is the time to do a skin detox.

Many people approach a detox from a gut health point of view, and certainly a good healthy body will show itself in your skin too. However, you can detox your skin! With the help of our professionals, we have devised an easy treatment plan so that you can step into Spring with dewy... divine… irresistible... beautiful skin.

Set aside five days to give your skin some dedicated TLC.

Avoid refined sugar, alcohol and caffeine (come on ladies, it is ONLY five days!). Drink lots of water.


Day 1

Start the day by taking a relaxing detox bath with detox clay mask. This will soften your skin and draw out impurities. Moisturise lightly. Detox baths are easy to organise at home with a few basic ingredients. Here is some inspiration for recipes…

Day 2

Book yourself in for an Endota Spa Detox treatment. Your therapist will brush your body with a dry brush to loosen and lift dead skin cells, stimulate collagen production and circulation, then wrap you in a clay cocoon. The cocoon is rinsed off and then the skin is moisturised. Click here for contact details.

Day 3

Dry body brush again at home, further stimulating skin cell production and follow with a Detox serum or mask. (To find out more about the benefits of dry body brushing read this)

Remember the skin on your face is sensitive, so don’t brush your face with a body brush. You need a specially designed face brush for this.

Day 4

Do a stocktake! Check your supplies. Cosmetics don’t last forever. Organic products generally need to be replaced within 6 months. So make sure your cosmetics have not passed their use-by date. If you can’t remember when you purchased it, here is a nifty little calculator we found -

Clean all your tools - makeup brushes, tweezers, hair brushes etc. All these instruments can collect dirt and bacteria over time.

Lay out your skincare and makeup and take a critical look at the ingredients you are applying to your skin every day. It is reported that skin will absorb over 60% of chemicals applied to it. Try to find replacements which use more natural pigments and bases free of harsh chemicals. There are thousands of chemicals used in skincare products, here are some of the worst according to David Suzuki -

You are done! Welcome to a beautiful start to spring skin!