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Beach Ready Beauty

05 Sep 2016

Beach Ready Beauty

Yes, winter is DONE ladies and you can be sure your denim clad pins are needing to show themselves again. Not only that, you need to contemplate going public in a bikini - and that, for most of us normal human females, needs some Preparation.

So here’s a short list to remind you that summer is not far away, our beaches are beckoning and hairy, scaly, pale bodies are generally a big beauty no-no!

1. Invest in your Legs

This is where we always start. You can’t avoid showing some skin in summer or you risk sweltering in a sweaty mess. So take a good look at your legs and make a plan of attack! Defuzz as a minimum! Whatever your choice - waxing, shaving, IPL… make sure your best assets are groomed to perfection. Then, buff off all those annoying dead skin cells. Flakey is not flattering! Not at all! Moisturise. Take a few days to consistently apply moisture so your skin is soft and replenished. Before you know it, your legs will be your pride and joy! Brazilian Butterfly are your hair removal specialists.

Invest in your Legs

2. Look like you love the sun

The quickest, easiest way to look skinnier, more athletic, more ‘girl-next-door’ less ‘mouse in the house’ is to apply a fake tan. You could do it yourself, but ladies, it’s simply easier to have a professional do it for you! Endota Spa and Brazilian Butterfly do a wonderful full body tanning application. That’s got to beat hanging out in a smelly orange haze in the bathroom for an hour.

Look like you love the sun

3. Jazz up your hands

Change those dark winter coloured nails to something summery. Lighter shades or nudes work well, with perhaps a touch of something special - glitter, gold foil… There is much to choose from, but your hands will look supple and on trend. Beauty Stop at Chevron Renaissance have a huge range of services to keep your fresh.

Jazz up your hands

4. Feet

A pedicure is a summer must. There is scarcely any point splurging on a beautiful pair of strappy heels only to ruin the look with the latest troll toes! Chipped, uneven nails will kill any style so sit back, relax and let someone give your feet a spruce. It’s great for the soul (and sole)!


5. Swimsuit

You may have fond memories of floating around the resort pool in last year’s swimmers, but mark this page - when you try them on again you’ll be thinking “What was I thinking!”. It happens to all of us mere mortals! Swimsuits do not last forever. They sag, they stretch, they fade. It’s the hallmark of a beautiful summer well spent, but now is the time to be discerning and toss the ones that don’t give your assets a helping lift!


6. Be confident

The sun is shining and ladies, do not stay covered up lamenting a winter NOT spent at the gym. Life is beautiful, and short. Get out there and enjoy the stunning coastline we love so much. There is nothing quite as restoring for the soul as sand between your glamourous toes and frolicking around in the waves in your brand new swimsuit. Put a great big smile on, and get out there!

Be confident