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We Have $15 Haircuts! Here’s Some Style Inspiration

We Have $15 Haircuts! Here’s Some Style Inspiration

Did You Know We Have $15 Haircuts? Here’s Some Style Inspiration!


Do you want a fresh hairstyle for summer? It’s always great to take some length off and embrace a new style in the warmer months! Thankfully, Trim Time Style Cuts at Chevron Renaissance offers $15 haircuts for both men and women. You will not find a style cut this affordable anywhere else on the Gold Coast. And the best part? This offer is valid every day!

Before you come in for your hair cut, check out the hairstyles below for some inspiration. These cuts have been trending in 2020 and are set to continue in popularity in 2021. They’re sure to make you look and feel like a million dollars!


Comb Over Fade


Source: Pinterest, ‘Men’s Hair Today’

Men’s hairstyles with a side part are one of the most requested haircuts for 2020. This hairstyle is stylish, smart, striking and flattering for most men, including those with thinner hair or a round face. This cut looks great and doesn’t require much maintenance - just work a bit of shiny or matte product into your hair and part it with a comb. If you want to make sure that the top has volume, finish off with a hairdryer. This haircut is a great option for those who like to look stylish and well-groomed. 

Messy Ivy League


Source: ‘Men Hairstyles World’

2019 saw men’s haircuts move towards more natural and messier finishes, and we expect this trend to continue into 2020. Although an Ivy League haircut has associations of preppiness, you can also have a messier and more relaxed take on it. The messy Ivy League haircut is stylish, laid back and easy to maintain. If you want all the Ivy League sophistication with a hint of fun, this is the perfect style for you!

Raked Back & Wavy 


Source: ‘Men Hairstyles World’

This classic and refined haircut is a favourite of Orlando Bloom’s. It is perfect for those with naturally wavy hair - all you have to do is apply some product, rake your fingers through your hair and you’ll have a great hairstyle in seconds! If you like a refined hairstyle that doesn’t require too much effort, this is a great option.


Curtain Fringe


Source: ‘PureWow’

Fringes have made a real comeback in recent years. They can be cut to be soft, strong and chic or short and edgy, and there are so many different options for shape, length, texture and style at your disposal. One fringe trend that is very popular at the moment is curtain bangs, which is basically a softer take on a traditional fringe that parts (like a curtain) to frame your face. If you want a soft and classic hairstyle that will enhance the shape of your face, this might be your ideal cut!

Blunt Bob


Source: ‘POPSUGAR’

Shorter and bolder than usual bobs are very fashionable this year. This heavier and blunter look is very popular amongst celebrities. The cut looks incredible when styled, but also makes a style statement when worn natural and messy. Blunt bobs are chic, sleek and flattering - and they suit a range of face shapes and hair types. If you want to rock a look that makes you feel powerful and sophisticated, you will love this look.

New Shag


Source: ‘Harper’s Bazaar’

A traditional shag (think Stevie Nicks and Debbie Harry) had shorter layers that were very short and exaggerated. Today’s shag is much more relaxed, and uses lots of layers to create a soft shape - this cut is perfect for wavy or curly hair. The layers are more blended, and the internal layers aren’t as short. The traditional shag was worn with lots of product, to make it appear textured and choppy, but the new shag is much softer in appearance. The style pictured above also has curtain bangs, so it covers two of the most trending styles! This laid back haircut is great for anyone who wants a cool yet easy-to-maintain style. 

Make the Most of Our $15 Haircuts Today!

Come and visit Trim Time Style Cuts at Chevron Renaissance today, and embrace the warmer months with a new ‘do! Hopefully the hairstyles above will provide you with the inspiration you need - whatever cut you choose, you can’t do better than a $15 haircut!

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