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What to Look for in a Childcare Centre

10 Oct 2018

 What to Look for in a Childcare Centre

Safe and Clean Facilities

Clean, sanitary space – and lots of it – is one of the top items on your choosing a childcare centre checklist. You want clean floors, walls, walkways, kitchen areas, play stations and regularly emptied garbage bins. Also keep an eye on safety features, such as smoke detectors, childproofed cabinets and electrical outlets and security at the front door.

Caring Staff

Watch how staff members interact with the children, looking for childcare employees who are responsible, well-prepared and enthusiastic. Also check on the ratio of staff members to children to ensure your own child will get adequate attention and supervision.

Ground Rules You Agree With

A solid set of ground rules is one of the signs of a good childcare centre, and make sure those rules align with your parenting philosophies. Ask for a rundown on the policies regarding playtime, naptime, eating, discipline, illnesses and all other issues relevant to childcare.

Stimulating Environment

In addition to age-appropriate toys, books and play areas, ask about the childcare centre’s schedule. A structured schedule that includes a combination of play, rest and learning activities is a one of the best signs of a good childcare centre.

Welcoming Atmosphere

While you want the facility to be clean and safe, you also want it to have a warm, nurturing and welcoming atmosphere. Your child needs to feel secure, comfortable and surrounded by people who care. Your first impression and gut reaction can have a bearing on this aspect the moment you walk in the door.

These signs of a good childcare centre can help you choose one that’s just right for your child. Since convenient location is another benefit, folks in Surfers Paradise looking for a childcare centre will be in for a treat with Rise Early Learning is now open at Chevron Renaissance.