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Halloween Creations from Coles Catalogue

12 Oct 2018

Halloween Creations from Coles Catalogue

Frankenstein Pancakes

Frankenstein pancakes make for a monstrous breakfast or snack. Whip up a batch of Coles Original Pancake Mix according to directions. Tint the batter with green liquid food colouring to create a freaky Frankenstein hue.

Create a batter-piping tool by pouring batter into a sealable plastic bag, and then cutting off one corner. Pipe batter into a square head shape on a heated pan, cooking for two minutes or until bubbles appear on the surface. Flip and cook for another minute.

Decorate your Frankenstein pancakes with strawberry slices for the hair, bananas for the eyes, blueberries for the pupils, and writing icing for the stitched monster mouth.

Photo of Frankenstein Pancakes

Kiwi Monsters

Peel a fresh kiwi, leaving a bit of skin on top for the hair. Create a face on the peeled fruit, using a tiny bit of strawberry stuck with a toothpick into the kiwi for the mouth, and black writing icing for the nose and eyes.


Boo! Bento Box

The Boo! Bento Box comes packed with Halloween goodies that include:

  • Fruity pumpkins, made by sticking a short piece of celery into the top center of a peeled mandarin
  • Ghostly egg, made by cutting a shallow mouth and eyes on the outer white of a hard-boiled egg
  • Edamame and eyeballs, made by cooking and peeling edamame, then adding little cut discs of cheese, with each disc containing a dot of writing icing for a pupil.
  • Mummy sandwich, made by cutting a piece of bread into a circle and adding cheese spread and cut strips of cheese to mimic mummy wrapping. Top it off with two blueberries for eyes.


Pick up all the necessary ingredients at Coles Supermarket Surfers Paradise, Chevron Renaissance.