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Pappa knows best

07 Oct 2017

 Pappa knows best

Chevron Renaissance Shopping Centre welcomes its newest tenant this month, with the nationwide sensation that is PappaRich set to give the good people of the Gold Coast an intoxicating taste of authentic Malaysian culture and cuisine.

Come in and discover the hawker-inspired fare which may just knock your beloved Thai takeaway from top spot with its spicy and full-flavoured profile created through fragrant combinations of coriander and cumin, along with lemongrass, kaffir lime leaves, cardamom, star anise and fenugreek.

From the fiery sambal of the signature nasi lemak to the silky smooth broth of the crowd-pleasing curry laksa, each delicately crafted dish is cooked to a traditional recipe using an authentic mix of herbs, spices and fresh produce, delivering a unique burst of flavour that is distinctly Malaysian.

One word of warning, though – deciding what to eat could be a problem. The menu at PappaRich is not only mindbogglingly long, offering a rich variety of popular rice and noodle dishes and much, much more, but every choice is just satay-good!

Need a moment to take it all in? Pause with a delightfully frothy teh tarik – the classic Malaysian pulled tea – or, for the more decisive among us, any one of more than 50 drinks on the menu!

From the savoury satay to the unforgettable char koay teow, the crunchy, buttery roti canai or the very popular beef rending, PappaRich is firing up the wok to showcase the rich multicultural heritage of Malaysia and its cuisine, which reflects the influence of migrants who arrived in the tropical country from the Middle East, India, China and Indonesia over the centuries.

PappaRich is now open in Surfers Paradise at Chevron Renaissance.