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No Sweeter Time: Liquid Nitrogen Ice Cream

07 Oct 2015

Prepare your tastebuds for the creamiest sensation yet, because Liquid Nitrogen Ice Cream is here and it’s ready when you are. That’s right folks, there’s actually something even better tasting than ice cream and the result comes from a bit of freezing, blasting and topping. So, why’s it so special?

The Taste

There’s science behind this marvel. Unlike your regular ice cream, in this process liquid nitrogen is used to freeze the ice cream so fast that the ice particles simply cannot form. This is formerly explained as ice crystallisation being nucleation-dominated, and what that really means is…your tastebuds are ready for pure bliss. Because of this method, the result is a superiorly smoother ice cream with one of the creamiest textures conceivable. Sign me up!

It’s Fast

Remember how we said it’s made right in front of your eyes? This is because liquid nitrogen flash freezes ice cream so quickly that it’s easily ready to be served within only a short matter of time. So you can kiss those long waiting periods goodbye because now, when you’re ready to order - they’ll be ready to serve!

It’s Safe

There may be myths floating about but don’t worry, because liquid nitrogen is indeed perfectly safe. In fact liquid nitrogen even makes up for near 80% of the Earth’s atmosphere, and so it makes sense that it’s also both non-flammable and non-toxic. And by the time it makes its way into your cup, it’s completely evaporated. There’s no way you’d be served something from a licensed establishment that didn’t meet the requirements of food safety first. So less worry, because we’re scooping!