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Light Your Way To Better Skin with Rejuvenation Therapy

28 Oct 2015

 Light Your Way To Better Skin with Rejuvenation Therapy

Scarring from Acne

Persistent acne can sometimes be self-deprecating for an individual who may also experience feelings of despair. Previously, acne scarring was mostly reduced by using dermal rolling otherwise known as skin needling but now, the light-based skin therapy of skin rejuvenation proves to be the latest and most modern form. By using this method, small areas of the skin that are causing the issue are meticulously targeted confirming successful results in lessening the erythema and post-inflammatory hyper-pigmentation from acne scarring. For this treatment, maintenance is a prime focus where usually 2 to 6 treatments are required. This therapy also helps to dry up any present acne that’s active.


Rosacea or acne rosacea is a condition where active skin inflammation is solely affecting the face but does not scar; instead sufferers of the condition may develop yellow-headed pimples on their cheeks, forehead and chin. This is most prevalent in persons aged between 30 to 50 years. After using skin rejuvenation therapy, patients will notice a significant improvement in their symptoms after generally 2 to 4 treatments where on average, an improvement by 50% and above is achieved.


Depending on the nature of your birthmark, its longevity and the amount of blemishes present, the number of required treatments is variable. However, by undertaking a specialised agenda of treatments, a patient is most likely to attain a long lasting solution.

Ageing and Sun Damage

If you have damaged or irregular pigmentation on your skin from unremitting sun exposure then Skin Rejuvenation therapy can help to lessen the visibility of such after undergoing a series of treatments. Usually, 2 to 5 treatments are essential where in particular, fine wrinkles are improved by 15-25% on average after a total of 5 treatments.

Pigmentation Problems

Pigmentation problems or otherwise referred to as rough-looking skin, can consist of several facets including brown age spots, miasma and large pores. Treating pigmentation problems with skin rejuvenation therapy is opportunely a highly agreeable process where normally after 2 to 5 visits, the pore size is improved by 50% and above, while the patient will also feel smoother, softer skin and will be able to actually see this considerable reduction in pores.

What’s involved?

First, each patient will have an IPL treatment plan determined by a specialised consultant. This plan will make clear the patient’s condition and the number of proposed treatments. Though it’s usually recommended that each patient attend and schedule between 2 to 6 treatments at three week intervals, where each session is approximately 20 minutes and then you’re free to resume your day as per normal.

Will it hurt?

Think of a rubber band being flicked onto your skin. Most patients would describe this feeling as irritating rather than painful. As Palomar Lux technology utilises a pulse light system, in comparison to other methods, energy to the skin is delivered over a longer period of time which makes the process of pulses both safer and more comfortable for the patient.

For more information or to book a consultant, contact the lovely ladies at Brazilian Butterfly Surfers Paradise, located at Chevron Renaissance Shopping Centre.