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Gluten Free: The Meals You Love, Just More Exciting

14 Oct 2015

Gluten Free: The Meals You Love, Just More Exciting

1. It Warms Your Insides

Gluten is a protein commonly found in wheat, barley and rye and removing this from your diet could improve your overall health as it helps your stomach, looks to assist in repairing impaired bowel lining and to lessen other bowel symptoms. And by ridding your body of gluten, you’re also improving its ability to absorb nutrients.

2. Assists in Weight Regulation

Many processed foods contain significant amounts of gluten and by avoiding this; you’re most likely to retain a healthier diet filled with fresher foods and delicious gluten-free meals that are much lighter on the stomach. As you trim excess starch by eating lighter with appropriate portion sizes of gluten-free starches like brown rice, quinoa and sweet potatoes, you’ll develop a faster metabolism with reduced bloating which significantly helps for losing weight.

3. Everywhere from Digestion to Flatulence is Made Easier

It’s essential to remember that when removing gluten, you need to re-build your diet by consuming nutrient-rich, gluten-free foods such as Superfoods, herbs and spices in order to preserve your nutrition. By doing so, your intestines and complete digestive system are sure to thank you as you accomplish a reduction in inflammation, gas, belching, cramping and stomach pain.

4. Increases Energy

By fuelling your body with replacement foods higher in nutrients, protein and other sources, your insides become lighter as you nourish your body by allowing it to better absorb without the distraction of heavier foods like carb-based gluten breads and pastas that can make you feel heavy and lethargic. And as a result of having a more productive body with increased energy, a stronger mind with improved concentration is certain to become its counterpart.

5. It Widens Your Palette

You’ll be amazed by the many exotic and invigorating foods your tastebuds will become exposed to as you hunt for new and exciting recipes!

Leading by example, Sardjionos Italian Restaurant serve gluten free pastas and pizza bases true to the same authentic taste Italian food lovers cherish. At Sardjionos you can still enjoy your favourite pizza bases and pastas gluten free as you sit back and relax either inside with air-conditioning or outside alfresco dining in the comfort of a Piazza-like setting and fountain guaranteed to make you feel as though you’re within a little Italy of your own. Sardjionos’ exquisite menu is also available for takeaway.