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10 Benefits Of Tea Over Coffee

12 Sep 2018

10 Benefits Of Tea Over Coffee

1. Boosts Energy and Endurance

Both tea and coffee boost energy levels but in terms of endurance, green tea is specifically effective as its extract works to develop muscular endurance that in turn assists in burning fat as fuel. Green tea also improves both bone mineral density and strength.

2. Enhances Focus

Unlike coffee, tea actually hydrates your body, which proves a fundamental factor in enhancing focus. Coffee can increase productivity for a certain period of time, but you’re most likely to find this high soon declines when the caffeine wears off.

3. Clears the Mind

If you’re having trouble taking your mind off things, tea can be the perfect solution to finding mental clarity. Its light yet soothing essence motivates calmness regardless of how many hot or cold cups you have. Whereas, drinking too much coffee can actually lead to having a bad mood.

4. Less Caffeine

Tea contains a significantly lower level of caffeine in comparison to coffee that contains a high level. And for when you’d like to ease your mind without feeling agitated, treat yourself to caffeine-free tea.

5. Higher Active Contents

While caffeine may feel like a true blessing for most, that’s basically all that coffee will give you. Tea however, is packed with antioxidants, multi-vitamins and multi-minerals which give you an energy boost while also helping your overall health. These active contents found in tea can also help to reduce the risk of heart attacks, cardiovascular and degenerative diseases and can also contribute to prevention against many cancers.

6. Detoxifies Your Body

Our bodies are made to combat free radicals but as health problems would show, they can’t always do that alone. A high oxygen radical absorbance capacity significantly assists in clearing free radicals in the body, and so it’s lucky for all of us that tea has just that. Tea also assists in weight loss, attaining a lower BMI and when integrated into a healthy diet, it can increase a person’s metabolism.

7. Nourishes Your Body

There’s a calming feel that comes with every serving of tea and that’s because it’s so rich in antioxidants, multi-vitamins and minerals that it nourishes your health and lightens your insides while all you need to do is sit down, relax and enjoy a nice cup. On the other hand, drinking coffee excessively can increase the risk of various health issues especially high blood pressure.

8. Helps Your Skin

Tea proves beneficial for skin detoxification as it cleanses your insides leaving your outsides to appear invigorated. Surprisingly, green tea may even provide protection from and limit exposure to ultraviolet rays. Unlike the skin benefits that tea provides, coffee can cause pimples and may lead to worse skin for some drinkers.

9. Sufficient Taste

Each sip of cold, warm or hot tea embodies a pleasantly mild taste both with and without sugar while coffee is mostly strong and depending on how it’s made, it can actually need sugar to satisfy your tastebuds.

10. Greater Aftertaste

Any coffee drinker is sure to have gum or breath mints on-hand as having a smelly breath or slightly stained teeth after a cup of coffee should come as no surprise. But tea drinkers will have no fear, as each pouring leaves your mouth feeling fresh.