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DIY Christmas Gifts

DIY Christmas Gifts

During the challenging months we all faced during lock-down, there was a world-wide return to simple pleasures and traditional pastimes. We made lasagne and sourdough, we took up knitting and we actually completed the 500 piece jigsaw puzzles we started! 

Many of these habits will continue long after the impact of the pandemic subsides and this Christmas, we will continue to embrace the traditions of days gone by. Why not try making your own gifts this year – the joy is in the making as well as in the giving.

Here are a few DIY gift ideas to delight your family and friends.

Photo finish

There is nothing more personal than your memories. Create a photo-gift for your loved ones – a framed print, a mug or a canvas print.  Hand-made photo albums also make great gifts. Buy a plain-page album from newsXpress Surfers Paradise, display your photos, decorate with stickers and stamps and write in personalised captions and comments by hand. Get the kids involved to make it even more special!

DIY Christmas Baubles

As well as making lovely gifts, decorating Christmas baubles will keep your little ones busy for hours. Firstly, make sure you have a variety of baubles or polystyrene balls in different colours, textures and sizes, available from Coles. Then assemble your decorating tools – paints, markers, glitter, glue, adhesive jewels, stickers, available from newsXpress. Personalising them with names and even photographs make them even more special.

You can also create Christmas characters such as Santa, Rudolf or a snowman with cotton wool. Finish it off with a beautiful ribbon so it can be placed on the Christmas tree.

Time for tea 

Visit the tea aisle at Coles and buy a variety of loose leaf tea and mix two or three flavours together to create some stylish tea packages for a creative and cost-effective gift. Why not try mixing blueberry with ginger or peppermint with strawberry to make new and exciting flavour combinations.

Place the loose leaf tea mix onto a cellophane or muslin bag and tie it up with a piece of string or place into jars with Christmas ribbon. Finish with a Christmas bauble and a tag labelled with your special, hand-made blend.

Christmas Macarons
Everyone knows how complex macarons are to make so it’s great to find out that they are now available in most supermarkets. For a premium DIY Christmas gift, buy some ready-made from Coles and transform them into beautiful festive treats.    

If possible, buy them in a Christmas colour – red, green or gold. Make little Santa suits by piping on white buttons and a black belt or decorate them with delicate snowflakes. Create Christmas baubles by piping macarons with icing stripes and scattering them with coloured sugar. Gift your Christmas macarons in a small white box with a beautiful red ribbon...voila

Remember, as well as being truly unique, hand-made gifts and personalised presents can never be regifted!