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How to Eat Sushi Properly

07 Nov 2018

How to Eat Sushi Properly

Hands, Chopstick, Fork?

The first issue is what utensils to use for eating sushi, which usually raises questions like:

  • Is it rude to eat sushi with your hands?
  • Can you eat sushi with a fork?
  • How do you eat sushi with chopsticks?

No, it is not rude to eat sushi with your hands. Quite the opposite. Proper sushi eating etiquette dictates picking up the perfectly-formed sushi with clean hands, not a fork or chopsticks.

Delicately grasp the sushi between your thumb and middle finger, then tilt it fish-down to dab on a small hint of soy sauce from your dipping bowl. Get the soy sauce on the fish, and not the rice, as the rice absorbs too much sauce and ruins the overall flavour.

Place the sushi fish-down on your tongue, savoring the full range of textures and flavours. Then consume the entire piece without biting it in half.

Fresh off a trip to Tokyo, one writer has some tips to help us get it right.

What’s the Purpose of Wasabi and Ginger with Sushi?

Wasabi and ginger are served with sushi to enhance the experience. Wasabi can be added to the sushi by picking up a small bit of wasabi with chopsticks and adding it directly to the piece before placing it in your mouth.

The ginger is meant to be consumed between pieces of sushi to cleanse the palate. Pick up a piece of ginger with chopsticks, then place it directly in your mouth.

how to eat sushi

One final tip is to give the sushi chef a deep and respectful bow as you’re leaving the restaurant to thank him for his delicious creations.

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