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Dessert Showcase

10 Nov 2016

Dessert Showcase

We’ve compiled our favourite eight desserts from Chevron Renaissance. We are absolutely sure you will be more than tempted

1. Divinely decadent

For the refined diner who would like to indulge but not bust your belt(!!) we recommend a dessert cannoli from Baritalia. Crack the crunchy outer pastry and slide through a creamy dreamy filling of ricotta and mascarpone with ends dipped in plenty of crushed emerald green pistachios and a chocolate ganache to drizzle, drip or possibly dive in! This one is worth planning a meal around!

ricotta and mascarpone

2. Traditional Tiramisu

Traditional Tiramisu

Perhaps you are a tad conservative, not overly adventurous on the dessert front - then you cannot go past a tiramisu from Baritalia. Layered mascarpone and biscuits woven with chocolate, beautifully presented in a glass jar. It has stood the test of time, and will be around forever more because you simply cannot beat this classic.

3. Did someone say nutella?

OMG these little round balls of sweetness are cute, oozy and smell utterly divine! Nutella Bomba are perfect with coffee! Perfect for after lunch! Perfect for after pizza… just perfect! Word of advice… Do. Not. Share.

4. Hot hot hot!


Sample the flavours of South America with Churro’s sprinkled in cinnamon and sugar, with chocolate and cream dipping ramekins on the side. Warm and delicious. We recommend indulging slowly together with a creamy coffee.

5. Caffeine Hit

Coffee has been grown in Cuba since the mid 18th century. It’s fair to say, Cubans LOVE their coffee! In a salute to this nationwide obsession, El Patio de Cuba delivers you a dessert that will set your hearts aflame with Cuban passion! A coffee liquor dessert served in a cocktail glass will silence table conversation and not in an awkward way! It won’t be long before your feet will be tapping out the beat to a salsa, and the night will never be forgotten!

6. Panna Cotta

Panna Cotta

We think it’s the Princess of desserts. Elegant, clean, smooth, refined… a panna cotta is simply too tempting to pass by. Nuts, berries, flowers sprinkled over and around this little tower of loveliness adorn it’s creamy contours like jewels decorating royalty. It’s perfection on a plate.

7. Praline Meringue Puff Extravaganza

Praline Meringue Puff

Photographing this had us giggling with the constant comments from passers-by swearing to come back later for dessert (it was only 10am after all!). Nobody, and we mean nobody, can say “NO” to chocolate and strawberries right? Meringue and caramelised pecans provide crunch, offset by smooth cool icecream and strawberries. It’s positively heavenly.

8. Spectacular Choc-Fudge Brownie Sundae

Double choc ice cream scoops with chunky choc fudge brownies squeezed into its sides and if that was not enough to make your tastebuds soar, caramelised pecans and crunchy waffle balls dot the top like volcanic rocks on a mountain of yummyness!