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The four things you need to consider when decking out your abode with coastal vibes

18 May 2018

The four things you need to consider when decking out your abode with coastal vibes

Whether you call the Gold Coast home or you’ve spent your holidays sunning yourself in Surfers Paradise, it is easy to create that breezy coastal feel in your home to be enjoyed every day. We chatted to the team at Violet & Moss Homewares at Chevron Renaissance Shopping Centre to decipher the four key elements you need in order to achieve beach shack vibes, sand between the bed sheets optional.


The first element to master when creating your beachy keen feel is tone. Think of the shades you see when by the ocean, the creamy hues of the sand, the pops of brown and ash tones provided by shells and the lashings of turquoise blue and green contrasting with the stark white tips of the crashing waves. Stick to this palette when selecting wall colours, soft furnishings and ornaments.


Earthy and grounding, there is a reason we feel so relaxed and at ease when at the beach. Use the textures of the beach throughout your home to add interest and warmth. We love the combination of a vintage Moroccan rug in tones of white and grey, woven baskets for storage and plant holders, rattan floor mats and crisp white, coral-inspired ornaments.


Our sense of smell is strongly linked to emotion and memory allowing a scent to transport you to a time or place or to evoke an emotion. The scents that fill your home are an important component in your decorating as they contribute to how you feel in your space. Candles, pillow sprays and bath products are a great way to infuse scents into your home and everyday life.Try Glasshouse, Peppermint Grove, elume and Napali for quality candles, soy melts and diffusers available in a range of sea-inspired fragrances.


Once you are done adding tones and textures and smells, get yourself some statement pieces to adorn your walls. Picking artwork is not an easy process but when selecting pictures for your beach abode stick to your tonal palette already utilised and be inspired by the beauty of nature with animals and plants taking the cake as easy-on-the-eye options.