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Celebrating Mothers

12 May 2017

 Celebrating Mothers

So what makes our mums so special?

There is no formula for being the perfect mother. In fact, the beauty of it is, there isn’t any such thing. All mothers make many mistakes. They have many flaws. But there’s a special something that unites motherhood. A little essence of greatness, that mums seem to share.

We’d like to take a moment to celebrate the quintessential things we feel makes a mother special.

No matter what.

No matter how many times you mess up, or how many times she does… a mother always loves her children. You might fight, not get along. She might annoy and cajole. But the truth is, she cares... a lot. She always will.

She’s managed to get (or is getting) you through childhood alive!

If you’ve ever watched toddlers, it always amazes us how we ever get survive those younger years. It seems little humans are hell bent on self destruction, and if it weren’t for our ever watchful mums, we’d have a population crisis!

To her, you will always be a child.

This is the one person in the world who will always see you as that innocent uncomplicated soul struggling to get through the challenges of the world, and needing a giant cuddle when it gets too much. You might fancy yourself a corporate jet-setting adult… but to your mum, you’re still a babe in the woods. She’s probably right.

She has her secrets.

As the years unravel, quite often we discover our mums had some closely held secrets. Desires, dreams, loves… and she has protected her children from the consequences of those secrets. As we get older, and it does take a while, we discover that Mum was not just mum, but a fragile imperfect human being just doing her best on a road with no GPS and an unclear destination. Forgive her mistakes.

A sixth sense.

She knows what you are feeling before you feel it. She can see your thoughts in your eyes. She knows when you are coming down with a cold. She knows just what to say to comfort you, or motivate you. And knows when you need a royal boot up the derriere! That sixth sense is absolutely undeniable. It comes from years of knowing, years of caring and watching you.

Make sure your mum knows you are thinking of her on Mother’s Day. It doesn’t have to be elaborate, but every mum needs to know she is special to her children. We have a gorgeous popup florist open in the centre over the weekend - so no excuses! Get mum some flowers! Or take her out for a meal!

We wish all mums a very Happy Mother’s Day.