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Dreamcatch Your Better Sleep

20 May 2016

Dreamcatch Your Better Sleep

You may be familiar with dreamcatchers due to their stunningly enchanted aesthetic, but what you may not know is that beyond their use as a charming adornment, they're believed powerful enough to ensure positive dreaming.

Dreamcatchers are an intriguing and longstanding tradition of Native Americans, which to this present day, are still passed throughout generations. The original dreamcatcher of the Ojibwa people was used to safeguard the dreamer from nightmares and negative dreaming and in turn, to only allow for dreams of positivity to come through. The Ojibwa people also utilised the dreamcatcher to enlighten wisdom as they were profoundly educated by nature.

Traditionally, the hoop was most honoured by the Native Americans because it represented unity and power. Through the hoop, the dreamcatcher was born. Grandparents would weave dreamcatchers for newborn babies and hang these above their cradleboards, while adults followed suit with their children. It's believed that the web of a dreamcatcher would catch any negative dreams before vanishing when the sun hit, whereas the hole of its centre would enable positive dreams to slide through, down onto the feathers and into the mind of the person sleeping beneath.

To build and decorate the dreamcatcher, the Native Americans would use what they could gather from nature such as twigs, sinew, feathers, beads and arrowheads. In the beginning, the stalk of the stinging nettle was used as thread to weave the dreamcatcher together on the twigs of the red willow. Here, typically a single semi-precious gemstone and natural feathers were used. Only one gemstone was used for each dreamcatcher in order to support the primary belief, that the web of life has only one creator.

Now, the beauty of the dreamcatcher continues to evolve with modern interpretations showing various stones, colours and feathers. The dreamcatcher resonates spirituality, motivates positive dreaming and is truly a treasure for those who believe in its power.

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Sweet dreams!