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We reviewed the Gold Coast's best beauty treatments

We reviewed the Gold Coast's best beauty treatments

Autumn is the perfect time to hydrate and restore your skin after dealing with the heat and sun damage of long days at the beach, and the immensely dehydrating effects of air conditioning.

In the name of having glowing and hydrated skin pronto, we’ve hunted down the Gold Coast’s best three beauty treatments you need to have right now. Read on for your best skin yet.

1. Facials

Number one on the list (and for good reason), the humble facial is your go-to for seriously radiant skin. But be warned, not all facials are created equal. Look for facial treatments infused with botanicals and antioxidants to give tired skin a boost, leaving it smooth and calm. We recommend the Organic Infusion Facial at Endota Spa, which is truly 50-minutes of absolute bliss. Your therapist will not only use active botanicals and antioxidants, but she may call on the benefits of jade facial rollers known to promote smooth, youthful skin.

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2. New Age Light Therapy Treatment

Most people are either afraid or very excited at the mention of light therapy, but the truth is this treatment is a god-sent for skin. It is 100 percent non-invasive yet is proven to boost collagen (the magic natural protein found in skin that provides firmness and elasticity). The treatment also reduces those pesky fine lines and wrinkles making it your perfect defense weapon against the ageing process. We recommend the New Age Light Therapy Treatment at Endota Spa as they follow the treatment with the intensity nourishing New Age™ products which infuse the skin to further plump and tone.

3. Microdermabrasion

If you are yet to experience the magic that is a microdermabrasion, then you need to book yourself in quick smart. A microdermabrasion will ever-so gently exfoliate your skin while removing tired dead skin cells to reveal the smooth, healthy and bright skin beneath. Think of it as the best exfoliation you’ve ever had. Again, it’s non-invasive but provides beautiful results! The best microdermabrasion on the Gold Coast is at Endota Spa. Their Hydro-Microdermabrasion treatment is done using a diamond tip and is followed with an advanced, customised solution to target specific skin concerns such as congestion, ageing and pigmentation.

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Endota spa is located near Starbucks on the ground floor or the main spa is located in the basement car park, near the escalators.