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Four reasons why threading is the way to the brows of your dreams

Four reasons why threading is the way to the brows of your dreams

For the team at Elegant Eyebrows located at Chevron Renaissance in Surfers Paradise, the ancient art of threading is clearly the superior way to whip brows into shape quick smart.

When it comes to brow threading on the Gold Coast, the Surfers Paradise team are the best eyebrow shapers in the biz. Plus, they accept walk-in’s, perfect for the next time you need a last minute preen or when holidaying on the Gold Coast and wondering where the best eyebrow threaders on the Gold Coast are located near you.

  1. Precision is queen. The key to brow heaven is precision. The essence of the threading technique allows your technician to be as precise as possible enabling her to develop the all-important natural arch of your brow. This key component of your brow enhances facial symmetry which gives your facial features the beauty of balance.
  2. Anti-ageing is everything. You slather your skin with creams and serums to keep wrinkles at bay, but have you considered the impact of your monthly shape on your skin’s elasticity? Waxing can be testing for skin as the very process pulls and stretches skin contributing to the early signs of ageing. Threading on the other hard is a far gentler alternative, removing the hair only in a quick and relatively painless manner.
  3. Sensitive skin saviour. Because threading involves just your technician and her anti-bacterial thread, there are no chemicals involved in the process to upset temperamental, sensitive skin. This means no pesky post-wax bumps and skin flare-ups. Threading is also cleaner and more hygienic as you don’t have to worry about your technician taking care of her wax pot and instruments such as spatulas and tweezers.
  4. It doesn't stop at brows. Once you have experienced the simplicity of threading, you will be tempted to remove other unwanted facial hair with this technique. That fluffy upper lip, side burns and chin can be removed simply with threading without irritation aiding the absorption of facial creams and assisting smoother application of makeup.

Visit the team at Elegant Brows at Chevron Renaissance located at Shop G.24 Chevron Renaissance Shopping Centre 3240 Surfers Paradise Boulevard, Surfers Paradise, QLD 4217. Phone 0478 678 878 for appointments or simply walk in.