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The Calorie Count In Your Coffee

 The Calorie Count In Your Coffee

Based on a regular size coffee with full-cream milk, here's how many calories are in each of the following coffees:

  • Cappuccino - 134
  • Latte/Flat White - 155
  • Espresso - 1
  • Long Black - 3
  • Piccolo Latte - 46
  • Chai Latte - 224
  • Iced Coffee (without whipped or ice cream) - 294
  • Mocha - 214

Now if you order one of the above choices, still regular size, but with skim milk instead, you'll notice a significant reduction in calories where milk is required:

  • Cappuccino - 68
  • Latte/Flat White - 68
  • Espresso - 1
  • Long Black - 3
  • Piccolo Latte - 26
  • Chai Latte - 127
  • Iced Coffee - 183
  • Mocha - 150

As you can see from the above, there's a remarkable difference in calories between the two since full-cream milk has 3.6 per cent fat, whereas skimmed milk contains just 0.1 per cent.

While cow's milk provides our bodies with one of the greatest sources of calcium and proves several health benefits including assistance with stronger bones, healthier teeth and even prevention from osteoporosis, if you're a regular coffee drinker, then simply switching a few cups to skim milk, especially when ordering from the frothier variety, will notably lower your calorie intake per day.

Other ways to lighten your coffee try choosing a smaller size for a stronger coffee with less milk, which is also ideal when you're trying to cut back. And not only will opting for a low-fat milk reduce calories, but by simply refusing extras, specifically sugar, cream and syrup, you'll easily make a healthier choice. After all, as the popular belief concludes - if a coffee's made well, it shouldn't need sugar!

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