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How To Enjoy A Guilt-Free Easter

25 Mar 2016

 How To Enjoy A Guilt-Free Easter

Make Smarter Egg Choices

While chocolate may be one powerful and love-filled force not to be reckoned with, you can still enjoy it without exceeding your intake levels. By simply opting for dark chocolate instead of the popular milk and white varieties, you attain more antioxidants, can assist in the prevention against heart disease, help your circulatory system and of course, excite your tastebuds! When deciding which dark chocolate is best, always look for a high cocoa content because the greater this is, the less additives there are, and overall the healthier your selection will be.

However, if you truly prefer the taste of milk chocolate to dark then fear not, because another great alternative, is to choose hollow eggs rather than creme-filled and caramel eggs. Avoid chocolate with flavoured fillings inside and pick hollow milk chocolate eggs or plain milk chocolate instead, so that you can enjoy this treat in its purer form.

Chocolate, like most of life's guilty pleasures, can be good for you if consumed in moderation and as counterpart to daily exercise. Before you devour that Mars bar, just remember that every regular-sized chocolate bar takes 20 minutes of running on a treadmill to burn off…yikes! For a wide and appetising choc selection, head to Coles for great Easter discounts, inspired meals and decorations also.

Build An Epic Egg Hunt

Speaking of keeping active during this indulgent period…here's your fun-filled solution. Rather than having the kids simply find chocolate eggs, plant plastic eggs around the house, with each containing a special message or gift inside. For example, you can write a fun note like 'jump up and down while singing the alphabet' or alternatively, have them find an inexpensive yet exciting gift like a sticker, a small fluffy chicken or another hint to finding the "golden egg". Not only does this mix up the routine, but it'll keep everyone on their toes, staying active and burning off some of that infectious Easter energy!

But, if you're in the mood for taking you and your loved ones out for the day, Chevron Renaissance's Infinity Attraction is ready to amaze you with its near-galactic, one-of-a-kind series of 20 multi-sensual environments, each presented in an astonishing maze-like structure sure to provide an action-packed and unforgettable experience, which you can read more about here.

And while the kids are off hunting for those treasures, treat the adults in the house to a fine beverage. Liquorland has you covered here with premium range of beer, wines and spirits, all of which, you can even drive-thru and purchase, just perfect for that last minute prep!

Deflate and Unwind

You've had a great feed, ravished your dessert and now it's time to unwind and settle down. Celebrate Easter and keep everyone happy with a movie perfect for the occasion like the drummer-bunny favourite 'Hop' (2011) or a timeless classic such as the unforgettable 'Ben Hur' (1959). For an impressive movie range with awesome picks and all-time favourites, visit your local Video Ezy Kiosk.

Happy Easter!