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Seven best tips for beating winter colds

12 Jun 2017

 Seven best tips for beating winter colds

We struggle. Really we do. When it comes to runny noses, sore throats, coughs, headaches, fevers and all manner of associated ailments, it’s a monumental aversion we experience. We want to sneak away to the northern hemisphere where the days are warm and the sky is blue!

Unfortunately, our bank manager will not oblige with a loan for such travelling fun! So friends, we’ve done some serious googling to find out what the internet prescribes for beating these lurgies!

  1. First cab off the rank is from Woman’s Weekly! (This month’s mag is a great read by the way!) They recommend keeping your hands away from your face and implementing some ‘social distancing’. No social kisses and if you happen to be ill - stay home so contagious viruses can’t jump from home to home. Truly, nobody loves you THAT much that they’d like to share your illness. Your child will still have friends if he misses that playdate. Your hair will survive another week without that appointment. The office WILL survive a few days without you.
  2. Drink tea! Tea has wonderful healing properties. And the steam apparently clears out the nasal passages (who knew?!).
  3. Wash hands regularly and sanitize work surfaces. If ever there was a fertile ground for germ sharing, an office has got to be up there! From every pen that was chewed on, to telephone’s shared, computers touched… eugh! Get hold of some Glen20 and go crazy!
  4. Use payWave for purchases under $100. Think of all the fingers that have entered in their four digit code on those checkout machines! Flu viruses last for up to 24 hours on an infected surface and we’re pretty sure those keypads are not cleaned hourly! If you have to touch a keypad, give your hands a wipe with some antibacterial wipes.
  5. Up your fluids. Give your body ample fluid to flush out toxins. Very important. Always.
  6. Exercise. Increasing circulation and body temperature can wipe out viruses. Just watch out at the gym! Gym equipment harbours plenty of bacteria and germs so use a clean towel and wipe away. I’m sure being the wierd person with wearing gloves and wiping down with eucalyptus oil at the treadmill will earn you some respect!!
  7. Get plenty of good quality sleep. A tired body is a stressed one, and a stressed body is a tired one! Make sure your bed is comfortable and warm, your linen is clean and your bedroom is a sanctuary not a clutter trap. Turn off any digital devices and let your brain calm down before trying to sleep. Then slumber away and know you are doing yourself a world of good. This article explains that people who get less than seven hours sleep are three times for likely to get a cold!

See out in the cold people. Best of luck surviving winter in good health. Remember, our medical centre is open seven days a week if you run into trouble.