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Quick Tips To Beat A 24-Hour Flu

27 Jun 2016

Quick Tips To Beat A 24-Hour Flu


Sweating and fever are typical symptoms of having a flu, which cause the body to easily dehydrate as it loses lots of water. This is why keeping hydrated is very important, where it’s recommended for adults to drink at least eight 250mL cups of water each day. Avoid caffeinated drinks and alcohol as they majorly cause dehydration, while fluids like juice, herbal teas and ginger ale are particularly beneficial for a speedy recovery. But it's no surprise that water is the best fluid, so make sure you drink plenty of it!

2. REST.

That bucket of washing can wait until you're better! It should be a no-brainer that when you're sick, you need to rest. But for those who are always on the go and "can't afford to get sick", it's much harder to put life on hold...but you have to. Steer clear of house chores and work obligations to prevent worsening your condition. The flu causes the body to ache and easily tire, so you also need to get plenty of sleep - the magic potion.


This is when you really need help boosting your immune system. Vitamin C is both an ascorbic acid and antioxidant, which assists your body's potential to absorb iron, repair itself and upkeep healthier teeth, bones and cartilage. Even though you can consume foods rich in Vitamin C like oranges, strawberries, broccoli, grapefruits and guava, sometimes that's not enough. In addition, attain a sufficient amount of Vitamin C with supplements like the popular, non-acidic Bioglan's One-A-Day Vitamin C Forte (1000mg) tablets, which are easy on the stomach and provide rapid assistance.


Caffeine-free, excellent for hydration and offering soothing relief from stomach and digestive issues, herbal tea proves perfect whether or not you have a flu. Drinking much herbal tea can help you to both combat and prevent having the flu as it helps to aid greater heart health, detox the mind and cleanse the body. Herbal tea is also wonderful for stress relief, increasing energy and when incorporated as part of a healthy diet, encourages greater wellbeing.


Some people experience a bad case of coughing when they have the flu, which can take a lot longer to heal. Relieve the pain and save recovery time by treating your respiratory system fast with renowned cough syrup products like calming and sugar-free solution, Blackmores Cough Combat (200Ml), which contains a tasty ivy leaf extract and such a delicious fruity flavour that you'll almost forget it's helping you!

6. SOUP.

Not only does soup taste delicious, but it's also awesome for your body too. Favourite soup varieties like chicken and vegetable, pumpkin and broccoli are especially outstanding for alleviating cold and flu manifestations. Soup brilliantly unclogs your system in order to eliminate mucus and to reduce inflammation and congestion.

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