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MEXI-YUM! 6 Foods You Need To Know (And Devour)

10 Jun 2016

Dios Mio! How can you not know your burrito from your dos capas?! Before you head in for your next delicious feed, get mexucated with these 6 foods you need to digest (in either sense).


If you like the crunch, you'll love a hard taco - think one large corn chip oddly sized, like a horizontal magazine holder and filled with deliciousness. Even when you opt for a gluten-free corn tortilla, this corn chip-like wonder is sure to hit the spot.


The main difference between a hard taco and a soft taco is the flour. This soft flour tortilla feels lighter on the stomach than a hard taco, and since the bread used for a soft taco is what you'd typically use for a chicken wrap, you'll most likely go back for seconds. You sacrifice the crunch, but you experience a greater fullness in fillings!


Now, you can have both! It's a taco-within-a-taco, double-layered and pure genius. Drool over this sensational taco which embodies an inside hard shell taco wrapped by a soft shell taco on the outside. Embrace its warmth before making your way to its crunch on the inside; a dual delight.


Ah! Ever-popular and always satisfying, the burrito is heaven's answer to a hangover. Either that, or it's what you desire when you're very hungry and need something to fill you up and fast. This 12-inch tortilla encases a combination of your choosing with slow cooked meats, sour cream, lettuce, white or black rice and of course, fresh salsas. At Zambrero, even the vegetarians and vegans are taken care of because when it comes to burritos - no one should be without.


If you're more of a cheese-and-tomato kind of simple eater, then the quesadilla is right for you. Quesadilla, which translates as 'filled fried tortilla' in Spanish, is a toasted soft shell tortilla with chicken, tomato and melted cheese inside. The kids especially will enjoy this lighter and easy-to-eat option, while you'll fall in lust over its sweet softness.


Exclusive to Zambrero's superfood IQ range of "food for the mind", the Chikito is what you'll want when you're hungry but not that hungry. The Chikito IQ is like a mini-sized Burrito but instead, is packed with essential ingredients and superfoods high in protein and better for your body like black rice, spirulina and amaranth seeds. This heated 10-inch tortilla also includes your choice of meat, guacamole, cos lettuce and Salsa IQ; a healthier alternative with pepita seeds.

Ready to order? Head into Chevron Renaissance's modern Mexican with a mission, Zambrero, open 7 days a week from 10:30am until late, where Mexican is surprisingly just as nutritious as it is delicious.