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Looking for a healthy lunch in Surfers Paradise? Grab and go these delicious options

05 Jul 2018

When you’re against the clock to grab something quick for lunch in Surfers Paradise chances are your options aren’t always going to be the healthiest ones. But fast food on the Gold Coast doesn’t have to be unhealthy or take up your whole lunch break to order.

Here are our top four places to grab your lunch and go while in Surfers Paradise, with plenty of healthy, feel-good food options to have you buzzing until 5pm.

1. Sushi and Izakaya One Piece

Sushi is the ultimate meal on the run served up fast, fresh and with oodles of flavour. For the freshest sushi in Surfers Paradise place your order at Sushi and Izakaya One Piece or grab a pre-made option from the cabinet. You can even opt for sushi made with brown rice, grilled salmon or salmon sashimi to give your lunch a five star health rating. We love the vegetable tempura, spring rolls and mini bento boxes for lunch in a flash.

3. Coles

When you have a hankering for a salad and don’t have time to make one yourself, duck into Coles and make a bee-line for their ready-made section. We aren’t just talking your standard garden salad variety here either, Coles now offer an impressive range of salads that would impress even the most versed herbivore. We love the Asian Style Salad Bowl with crispy noodles, the Superfood Salad Bowl and the Beetroot and Puffed Quinoa Salad Bowl brimming with natural goodness and plenty of tasty flavours.