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Chocolate Hues for Winter Blues

06 Jul 2016

We don’t cope well. We simply don’t. Our southern sisters embrace the chill with the bravado of icelandic eskimos, but us Gold Coast lasses crave the sun... with heartsick longing... the very minute summer pulls on its winter veil and heads across the equator.

Don’t despair lady-friends! We are determined to see you through the winter blues with some amazing need-it-now chocolate hues! Nothing cheers a girl up like chocolate, right?

It’s time to let all things ‘chocolate’ melt into your wardrobe!

Delightfully milky

Nothing says sophistication like classic tans teamed with creamy milky whites. Accessories add a dash of cocoa to contrast to dreamy froths. Woolly knits and jackets keep the cold at bay and by keeping the tones in one hue, it’s a look that is utterly ‘dreamy’.


Decadent Chocolate Brown

Stunningly rich, and fabulously suited to embrace texture. Add a dash of citrus or a smudge of pastel and your look is fresh and interesting. Work in similar hues to create layered loveliness. Leathers work really well with this colour palette - enjoy dark leather belts and bags and create a hard edge to the softness of svelte browns.

Our very own Chicabooti has an amazing coat swimming in chocolate hues for a mere $39!


70% Dark

Embrace the mysterious and go deeper to a 70% Cocoa and you have an evening ensemble that avoids the clichéed blacks but looks equally as flattering. It’s dark and mysterious and just a touch bitter! Exactly how we feel on a Friday after work! ;-)