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Skin Loving for Winter

01 Jul 2015

 Skin Loving for Winter

As we get older our skin needs more loving and moisture. Good skincare products are a must. But a good routine is even more important.

Fine lines, broken cappilaries, dryness, dullness, breakouts, and pre mature ageing skin are common concerns that can be caused from the weather changes.

Did you know we have a skin cell cycle of new cells being produced every 28 days? As we get older, this cycle slows down and it takes longer for the new cells to reach the surface. This is when we start to see the concerns.


Cleansing is the first step to skincare. It removes impurites and any build up on the surface of the skin. Letting the rest of your products work better into the skin. Mix with water and apply to skin and remove with cloth or cotton.



Toner is amazing for the winter months because it infuses hydration into the skin. Allowing our moisturiser to penetrate deeper into the skin and last longer! Spritz or apply with damp cotton onto skin before serum & moisturiser.



Whether you choose a gel or a cream. Eye care is whats going to help your fine lines. There is a difference between a fine line & a wrinkle. Fine lines are due to lack of moisture in the skin. Wrinkles are deeper into the skin. We can prevent how deep our lines go!!! Hydrate hydrate hydrate! Apply with ring finger, on the orbital bone.



Serums are the holy grail of skincare. They are more concentrated than any other product which means they reach the deepest into the skin, due to they're chemical composition. Serums are what strenghten our skin from within. They are packed with hydrating and antiageing loving ingredients. Apply to skin everyday twice a day under your moisturiser.



Its important to have a separate day and night moisturiser all year round. A light daily one so you can apply spf on top. A richer, heavier cream for the evening to soak into your skin as you sleep and regenerate. Apply after serum, not forgetting neck and chest.



No matter what the weather spf needs to be worn.Sun protection should have a different name such as 'Daily Defence'. Its not just protecting the skin against uv rays, its also helping the skin agaisnt free radical damage which attacks our skin on a daily basis. Over time, Car fumes, smoke, pollution can all affect our skin. Breaking down our acid mantle (protective layer) Apply spf of atleast 30 on top of your moisturiser. 1/2 tea spoon amount for face neck and chest. The spf thats in your makeup, or your mosituriser is not enough on its own.




Removing dead skincells is another holy grail to skincare. Its a must must must for ALL skin types! If your not getting rid of dead skin build up- your skin will look dull, thicker and dry.

Do this x2-3 times a week for flawless skin.


Face masks are like a blanket for your skin. Protecting it, nourishing it and feeding it with lots of vitamins! Clay masks for oily skin and cream masks for dry and ageing skin.

X1-2 week or sleep with them on x1 week for amazing glowing skin!

Regular facials, diet and water all contribute to good skin care. If your unsure of what products you should use on your skin why not go and get your skin checked by a professional skin therapist at Endota Spa Surfers Paradise.