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Improving Back Pain with Clinical Pilates

31 Jul 2015

You’ve tried countless approaches and your back is still aching, but have you tried Clinical Pilates? The exercise movement of Pilates is not only renowned for its workout which incorporates strengthening and conditioning for the entire body, but it’s also praised as effective in improving back pain - having caught the attention of many famous athletes.

As a concentrated system of Pilates, Clinical Pilates offers a specialised program established by physiotherapists to focus on re-building core strength and stability through methods of rehabilitation. Clinical Pilates offers operative injury therapy for those in need of recovery and alternatively, is ideal for incorporation into your present fitness routine for building greater muscular strength and joint mobility.

Those who spend much time seated such as office workers, those with lower or mid-back pain, neck pain, who have suffered an injury or those who look to prevent such pain, will especially benefit from each session. By deeply stabilising body muscles particularly the abdominal and hips, Clinical Pilates achieves increased coordination, balance, strength and flexibility for your body while motivating you to clear your mind with deep reflection everywhere from focusing on how you breathe to observing how both your body and mind counteract. This deep thought relieves stress and helps you to clear your mind for full focus on your body, which can significantly assist you in a faster recovery.

Leading the way are Full Spectrum Health & Wellness Centre, Central Physio & Health, whom offer Clinical Pilates sessions performed by highly qualified and professional practitioners where specialised information regarding your condition and advice on self-management techniques is made available to you in order to achieve the best possible outcome. Central Physio & Health begin with a comprehensive one-hour Physiotherapy-Pilates assessment prior to starting your exercises, followed by either a group or individual session of your choice, each tailored to meet your individual needs by way of attaining the most effective treatment for you. In addition to their Clinical Exercise Centre, they also provide the services of Physiotherapy, Podiatry & Orthotics and Remedial Sports Massage.

For more information call Central Physio & Health on 07 5679 3664.