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Why Adult Colouring is Your New Coffee Break

06 Jan 2016

 Why Adult Colouring is Your New Coffee Break

When you're drowning in work and need a quick break, instead of running outside for a coffee or a cigarette, open up a colouring book and let your brain waves find their calm. As colouring demands visual spatial attention, the individual's brain is now offered with a new focus, which is not problematic, but is beneficially relaxing. This is because this new focus deviates from routine and as a result, turns a regular active brainwave into a pleasing therapeutic wave.

Due to this unique functionality, Scientists have recently linked colouring to helping those who suffer from anxiety or post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). If you've witnessed or personally lived through a traumatic event, then trying to forget that memory and to prevent daily flashbacks can be very difficult. Colouring actually diverts the brain's typical consolidation process where a particular memory becomes fixed into their mind by exercising different parts of the brain, and by overall presenting a visual alternative for how we regularly process information.

And for the unconfessed stress heads, colouring's here to help you out too. Similar to the aims of meditation and yoga, research concludes colouring as a successful practise in reducing stress. By colouring, you're inadvertently supporting one of your brain's key cognitive functions, which is to attain information. But unlike other methods of doing so, colouring is both unique and fun and through the wide array of colouring books now available, you're offered a wide array of patterns, shapes, prints and themes to choose from, while having the luxury of colouring with whichever colours you feel.

You may be surprised to learn just how relaxing colouring can be and if you're colouring alongside a companion or workmates, you might even discover something about their personality. Because when it comes to blank templates and colouring between the lines, maybe you'd rather colour outside the box!

For keeping creative, reducing stress and attaining your inner cool, Chevron Renaissance's newsXpress offer an appetising and affordable selection of colouring books that'll make you want to whip out those pencils in no time!