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5 Ways to Keep Your New Year Health Resolutions on Track

5 Ways to Keep Your New Year Health Resolutions on Track

One tradition of entering the New Year is setting healthy, achievable New Year's Resolutions to reprioritise your life and achieve goals over the months to come. It’s important to be stern with yourself, especially if you’ve spent the holiday season overeating, under-exercising and practising minimal self-care routines. To make your New Year simpler, we’ve compiled a list of ways you can keep your New Year health resolutions on track. 

1. Introduce more Fruit and Veg into your Diet 


It’s extremely likely that somewhere in your list of New Year health resolutions, you noted goals of healthy eating and/or weight loss. So, let’s talk about food. Your body needs hydration and nutrients to thrive. It’s important to skip the fried food and nourish your body with fresh fruits and vegetables as often as you can (everything in moderation!). The Green & Fresh Cafe in Surfers Paradise is stocked up with loads of fresh fruit juices and salad options that will get you eating well and have you feeling more energetic in no time. As well as being a good source of vitamins and minerals (such as folate, Vitamin C and potassium), fruit and veg is a great source of dietary fibre (helps to maintain a healthy gut) that can have an extremely positive impact on your overall health and consequently, your weight. 

2. Join Group Exercise Classes to Stay Motivated


The next in the list of New Year health resolutions is fairly simple, yet it’s also something that most people struggle to maintain… Exercise! We all know it can feel like a chore, but exercise can have wonderful health benefits for everyone, making it a goal you must achieve. That’s where Wicked Bodz Fitness Centre comes in. Their services of group training, personal training, boxing classes, spin classes, yoga classes are designed to keep you motivated in a high energy environment. Sign up is on a no-contract basis, so you can get a feel for what you enjoy without the commitment. View the Gym Master Member Portal | Class Schedule to browse classes, and get in touch if you’d like a Fitness Nutrition Consultations to see how you can improve your diet. The best part? You can cool down from your workout with a dip at the nearby Surfers Paradise beach.

3. Take the Time to Relax


Achieving those New Year Health Resolutions of relaxation is simple when in the heart of Surfers Paradise. Spend time at the beach or opt to heal and rejuvenate your body with a massage from Herbal Thai Massage or Healthlink Massage. Massage therapy is one of the most effective ways to break down stress and care for your body. 

When massage techniques are applied correctly, they can help to correct postural stress caused by sitting all day. The applied pressure can relieve muscle pain you’ve been experiencing as it improves and increases blood circulation around the body. Massages can be extremely therapeutic as they physically reduce stress levels in the body. Massage also can decrease the frequency and intensity of tension headaches (caused by stress) and can also encourage a better night’s rest. Read more on How Can Massage Help My Health and Wellbeing? 

4. Relax and Care for your Skin

If your New Year Health Resolutions included achieving cleaner and clearer skin, as well as improved wellbeing, perhaps a day of pampering with Endota Spa at Chevron Renaissance Shopping Centre is the perfect solution. Facial treatments are found to be more relaxing than massages, as your breathing pathways are open when you lay on your back.  The soft, light touch of your massage therapist will move in rhythmical patterns over the peripheral nerve endings on and around the face and scalp. This sends a message of calm to your mind. A facial is a fantastic way to relax, relieve stress as well as see some amazing targeted benefits to your skin.  

If the Australian summer has got you seeing hyper-pigmentation of your skin (sunspots) or a lack of skincare routine is causing you to get pimples, a corrective facial might be right for you. Trial a hydro-microdermabrasion to deeply exfoliate and relieve your skin of congestion and pigmentation. Or, opt for an Endota Treatments | Facial Power Series to experience maximum skin benefits and see results. 

5. Read more Books to Reduce Screen Time

Too much screen time can have some pretty poor health impacts, especially on one’s sleep. If it’s not already on your list of New Year Health Resolutions to reduce the hours spent staring mindlessly at a screen, you need to include it! Excessive amounts of screen time can lead to weight gain, headaches, vision issues, trouble sleeping as well as slowed cognitive function. A study showed that participants who spent 4 hours reading e-books before bed produced 55% less melatonin than those who read print books! Considering Melatonin is a naturally produced hormone that lets you know when it’s time to sleep, wake and eat, it’s not something you’d want to purposely deplete your body of. This New Year, take a break from screens and stimulate your mind with books from Big B Books. As specialists in new & secondhand mind-body-spirit books, you’re sure to pick up a book that will encourage further healthy habits. Alternative, find a storyline you love and skip the time spent watching movies. Whatever your reading preference, your mind, and eyes will thank you for it!

These New Year health resolution tips are designed to lessen your stress levels, help your skin glow, as well as to help improve your work and personal life. Get on track by visiting Chevron Renaissance Shopping Centre, Surfers Paradise to achieve your top health, wellness and mindfulness goals this year.