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Food to Eat during Chinese New Year

31 Jan 2019

Food to Eat during Chinese New Year

What Do You Eat on Lunar New Year?

While the list for lucky Chinese New Year food is lengthy, some of the most popular options include:

  • Noodles for longevity
  • Vegetable dishes for variety of blessings
  • Dumplings for wealth
  • Fish for an increase in prosperity
  • Spring rolls for wealth
  • Hot pots as a celebration centerpiece

Noodles and Vegetable Dishes at PappaRich

PappaRich specialises in Malaysian delights, making it the perfect place for Chinese New Year dishes from Malaysia. Go for one of the many noodle dishes topped with scrumptious ingredients, or start counting your blessings from vegetables with a vegetarian selection form the menu.

Chinese New Year Dumplings at Yifan Chinese Emporium

Dumplings abound at Yifan Chinese Emporium, an Asian supermarket with a glorious array of authentic foods and delicacies. Pick up frozen dumplings with various filling options, or go for traditional noodles, dry goods, fresh produce, Chinese New Year desserts, ingredients and cookware to whip up your own Chinese New Year recipes.

Fish at GC Sushi

Fresh, simple and delicious, fish from GC Sushi aligns with Lunar New Year traditions as well as with spectacular taste. Pick your favourite ingredients and sushi option, as both sushi rolls and Nigiri style sushi are on the menu.

Spring Rolls, Hot Pots and Fish at Sushi & Izakaya One Piece

Chinese New Year spring rolls are waiting for you at Sushi & Izakaya One Piece, as are ready made meals from the cabinet as well as menu items to order for a sit-down meal. You'll find fresh sushi selections, vegetable tempura, noodles, hot pots and more.

Take your Lunar New Year celebration to the most delicious heights at Chevron Renaissance today.