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5 Ways to Celebrate World Nutella Day at Chevron Renaissance

31 Jan 2019

5 Ways to Celebrate World Nutella Day at Chevron Renaissance

Nutella Pizza from Baritalia

The Italian eatery of Baritalia serves up seasonal favourites with a European flair. And when it comes to favourites in Australia, Nutella is always in season. The shop’s Nutella Pizza is tops for World Nutella Day, featuring a shortbread crumble Nutella base topped with banana, fresh strawberries and vanilla bean gelato.

Chocolate Hazelnut Donut ‘Concrete’ from Betty's Burgers

Betty’s Burgers may be well-known for showcasing the tastiest burgers in town, but this 1950s-style burger shack is also home to delectable homemade frozen custards, known as “concretes.” Celebrate Nutella with the Chocolate Hazelnut Donut concrete, consisting of vanilla custard, glazed donut, Nutella, hazelnut crumble and whipped cream.

Nutella Super Shake or Ferrero Ice Cream from SevenTea Two

SevenTea Two lets you watch as your favourite ingredients are transformed into a super shake or smashed through your choice of ice cream – and they have the perfect ingredients to sate all diehard Nutella fans.

Watch the Nutella Super Shake come to life with a mondo helping of the hazelnut spread, or dive into the decadent mix of Ferrero Rocher, Nutella and Maltesers smashed through Ferrero ice cream.

Nutella Gelati from SevenTea Twp

SevenTea Two is stocked with dozens of tantalising flavours, all of which are made using only the finest ingredients – like Nutella. Savour the scrumptious texture and taste of the shop’s Nutella gelati for a refreshing take on the must-have spread.

Nutella Pastries and Recipes from Coles

Coles is hopping with Nutella options, just as you would expect from the one-stop supermarket. The deliciously flaky and buttery Coles bakery pastries with Nutella are one option you don’t want to miss. A five-ingredient Nutella brownie recipe is another.

Hungry for Nutella yet? Head down to Chevron Renaissance today.