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New year, new fitness mentality

22 Jan 2018

New year, new fitness mentality

Most of us spend the holidays overindulging in that delicious Christmas ham, so our diet tends to go out the window and doesn’t start back up again until the frivolities fizzle, our jeans pop and the reality of the new year sinks in.

For those of you who are serious about improving your fitness and overall health in 2018, there is no time like the present when it comes to tackling your resolution (I know, scary right?).

To help with the motivation, we’ve asked our very own Wickedbodz Fitness Centre owner Mark Mathie to provide his top tips for getting your fitness on track in 2018.


Mark stresses the importance of finding the real reason behind why you have set this goal for yourself.

“Everyone “wants” to achieve their goals, but very few are prepared to put in the work to achieve these results. You must be brutally honest with yourself and write down what has made you want to achieve these goals in the first place,” says Mark.

He suggests this could be as simple as writing, ‘I don’t want to be wearing a t-shirt all summer next year, as I am so uncomfortable with the weight I’ve gained this year and it has ruined my summer at the beach. I want to be able to wear my swimwear again by next summer.’

Find what’s driving your resolution and put it on paper. 


Once you have figured out your reason, Mark says to write down how you will feel next year if you haven’t changed.

“Read this every time you feel you can’t be bothered. You will get out what you put in, it takes effort and consistency,” he says.

His piece of advice – “if you don’t change nothing, nothing will change”. 


 It may sound a little OTT (not that we are complaining), but Mark suggests the best way to start is to go out and buy yourself some expensive new runners. 

And while most of us will be more than happy to do just that (nothing like treating yo’self), Mark adds – “This is so you will use them.”


Mark says that when it comes to a clean, healthy diet, the benefits are endless.

“No one – whatever they tell you – will have a good day, if the first thing that reflects back in the mirror each morning (i.e. themselves) is something they aren’t happy with. You can’t out train a bad diet, it’s 80 per cent what you put in your mouth compared to what you are doing physically,” he says.

“Take the sugar out of your diet, and you are half way there.”

So there you go guys, let’s give actual meaning to this ‘new year, new me’ mantra by getting fit and healthy in 2018!

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