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Best places to visit in 2018

25 Jan 2018

Cure post holiday blues with these 2018 bucket-list adventures

Post-holiday blues or PTD (post travel depression) is a real thing. Though, not legitimately listed in the universal medical handbook, we are certain it's something most people suffer from - so much so, majority of Australians would currently be battling this terrible self-diagnosed syndrome as we speak.

Symptoms include a strong sense of monotony, lack of enthusiasm to return to one’s workplace, constant daydreaming, longing for another adventure, several ‘TBT’ holiday Instagram posts and small bouts of envy for anyone still on said holiday.

To help alleviate the pain, we’ve been (borderline obsessively) scrolling through Flight Centre’s Instagram in a desperate attempt to feed our holiday fix with endless travel inspo.

And while you can distract yourself all you want with countless day trips and social gatherings on the weekends, the only real cure for the dreaded PTD is to book yourself another epic adventure away (that’s what we like to believe anyway).

So, for those of you in the same boat, we thought we would share our personal favourites to add to the 2018 travel bucket-list.

**Warning – images below may make current post holiday blues worse**

Hot air balloon over Cappadocia

Filled with so much natural beauty, Turkey is one country that should be written down, bolded and underlined (even add several exclamation marks at the end, for dramatic effect) on everyone’s bucket-list.

For those of you wanting to experience something truly magical and out of this world, then a hot air balloon ride over Cappadocia on sunrise is the place to be.

Picture this, one hundred colourful hot air balloons float up simultaneously into a pink, dawn-coated sky, as the sun begins to etch over Goreme’s vast landscape filled with the most magnificent limestone terrain. As the sun rises, the colours of the sky, balloons and rock formation become so intensely vivid, that not only will you be totally mesmerised but you will feel as if you are floating away (and happily so) into a dreamlike state.

Unlike anything in this world, this is an unforgettable, once-in-a-lifetime experience not to be missed.

Oh, did we mention you can even sleep in a cave hotel while you are there?

Chase the Northern Lights in Iceland

A winter escape paired with a totally breathtaking natural phenomenon, what could be better? For those of you who don’t know what the Northern Lights or Aurora Borealis is, then do yourself a favour and Google this incredible occurrence.

Brace the cold and chase the Northern Lights through Iceland, or enjoy the natural light show from the comfort of a cruise ship.

For those wanting to sleep under the stars – but in ultimate style - then The Five Million Star Hotel's bubble accommodation is perfect for you! Watch on as the Northern Lights dance above you all night, in the comfort of your very own insulated bubble.

Go on an African adventure

Get up close and personal with some of nature’s most fascinating creatures on an African Safari.

Explore the stunning African plains either by foot, in a 4x4 or on a guided tour, in search of the so-called “Big Five” (the lion, elephant, cape buffalo, leopard, and rhino) and depending on your travel type, you can safari in luxury, or camp out with the kids - while those who are feeling a little more daring can do their very own self-drive tour.

An African Safari is the perfect adventure for anyone looking for a holiday with a difference.

Ready to kick those post-holiday blues? Visit our friends at Chevron Renaissance’s Flight Centre to book your next adventure away!