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19 Jan 2017

The Caribbean region is filled with many wondrous things and flamboyant peoples. Not least of which is the country of Cuba. Shaped like an Alligator from the air, Cuba is home to over 11 million people. A diverse range of races and ethnicity flavours the culture and indeed the cuisine of Cuba!

Having a Cuban style restaurant in our centre makes us cast our minds to the tapestry of culture that found its way in some part to the Gold Coast.

We’ve done some investigation to bring you 10 things you may not know about Cuba!

  1. Cuba’s favourite drink is the mojito. This cool and refreshing beverage is packed with mint leaves and rum. It is said to originate back in the 1500’s! Its name comes from the word mojo which means ‘little spell’ - as in I put a little spell on you!
  2. Cuba’s favourite food is a dish consisting of beans and rice.
  3. Cuba has one of the highest literacy rates in the world. It is higher than Australia’s.
  4. Bolero, mamba and cha-cha all originate from Cuba.
  5. Very few people are allowed internet access in Cuba.
  6. Nobody in Cuba can own a car. All cars are owned by the government!
  7. Recipes are not generally written down. They are passed down through generations.
  8. The most popular game in Cuba is Dominos.
  9. Cuba has more spanish speakers than Spain!
  10. Professional sport was banned in Cuba until 2014.

Now for the vital info… (!!)

Our favourite Cuban cocktails… it needs to be on your bucket list people! Plant yourself at El Patio de Cuba and see if the bartender will oblige you with some classic cocktails!

Cuba Libra - cola and rum

This is a classic. Deliciously sweet and satisfying. A perfect pre-dinner drink.

Cuba Libra - cola and rum

Piña Colada - pineapple juice, rum and coconut cream

It’s a creamy, heady mix. A delightful end to a meal, or perhaps a late afternoon soirree?

Piña Colada - pineapple juice, rum and coconut cream

Canchanchara - rum, lime and honey (from Trinidad)

Tangy and sweet. It’s incredibly more-ish! You’ll love this classy sophisticated drink!

Canchanchara - rum, lime and honey