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Away with the Resolutionaries!

06 Jan 2017

It’s that time of year again. Yes, it came around fast. Your friends are happily relaying their New Year resolutions and you feel a bit awash with hopeful tantalising visions of yourself in 2017. You are leaping across the beach in a shimmering toned tanned body with Elle MacPherson limbs and a gravity defying bustline. Your designer sunnies glimmer in the light and your flowing locks look straight-out-of-the-salon-tousled-to-look-like-you’re-at-the-beach. Your equally toned counterpart frolics in the waves and grins happily as you approach.

Zzip. Fantasy over. Real life rudely interrupts. This ain’t no Mills & Boon baby! It’s the real deal. Grit, grime, bad hair and all.

Most of us know through many failed resolutions that the entire exercise verges on the ridiculous side. Enthusiastic passionate tipsy declarations quickly vaporise into the numerous legitimate excuses that general life throw at us. Then we hurl ourselves into a personal tyrade of abuse that will have us fervently making new NYE resolutions with protestations so sincere Joan of Arc would be proud. If you have ever visited the Sunshine Coast - it’s a well known fact (we’ve seen it ourselves) that the walk up to the top of Mt Coolum is always bumper to bumper crowded in the first week of January… all those ‘resolutionaries’ trying to valiantly to prove to themselves they are conquering the mountains of their minds. And then, they sadly dwindle and the locals breathe a sigh of relief!

So let’s talk about resolutions that put you in a better place at the beginning, middle and ultimate conclusion of 2017! Let’s find a few alternatives with some staying power. The ones we can hold on to and proclaim at the beginning of 2018 - yep, we DID IT and we are so much better for it.

Here are our top 10. We’d love to hear your ideas too!

  1. Eat a healthy breakfast every day. Breakfast eaters just do it better. They go longer without food during the day, consume better nutrition which feeds the brains and body throughout the day. It’s not hard. Just get your supplies and do it!
  2. Don’t “Just do it” - do it with joy, with relish, with delight, with contentment. Exercising for exercise’s sake is a quick way to grind yourself into the ground. Find exercise that you love. If you aren’t thinking about your feet hitting the tarmac you are likely to run further and do it again tomorrow. Do it regularly and you will reap the benefits, not just in fitness but in peace of mind.
  3. Do a health check - are there any injuries you need to address? Niggly pains? Knees that have thrown in the towel. Go speak to a health professional (like our local physio) and see whether solving these issues will help you become more active and healthier.
  4. Trim the burden of your to-do list. Do those jobs you have been avoiding. Find the time. Or if they aren’t a priority, cross them off the list.
  5. Develop a regular beauty maintenance plan. Most of us gals feel a whole lot better about ourselves when we feel manicured and beautified. Don’t do it once a year ladies - schedule regular appointments. Feeling good about yourself is very important for self esteem. Speak to Endota Spa about their regular booking services.
  6. Invest time with your partner. Once a month dinner dates without anybody else. No friends, no parents, no children. Just the two of you in a quiet corner of a restaurant with a beautiful bottle of wine and tantalising food. We have a number of restaurants that would be happy to assist you with this one!
  7. Now this one is tough. Throw things out. Our society enjoys loading us up with rubbish. It burdens us with its weight and clutters mind and home. Make a pact to throw two things out a day for an entire year. That’s over 700 things by next year. You’ll feel lighter and make space for things you really care about!
  8. Try a new style. Life’s short. It’s so easy to wear a different colour, or sport a new hair style and yet most of us stick to what we know and trust. Day after day after day. Wear something you never thought you would and expand the box we put ourselves in. Let’s break some walls girls.
  9. Buy flowers for yourself once a month. Sound silly? Wasteful? Flowers create positive moods for people. Researchers know it to be true. If you are keen on some serious reading - here is the research paper. It’s cheaper than therapy, right? Pick some up with your groceries, it’s that easy!
  10. Our final gem… Say ‘No’ regularly. If you are feeling overwhelmed, just say no. Do it nicely and without malice. It’s quite okay to set your boundaries and respect your own limits. It’s empowering to protect yourself and your time. So, say “no” a little more this year.

So with that, we wish you a truly fulfilling 2017!