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Is this the Gold Coast's most unique breakfast

23 Feb 2018

MALAYSIAN food sensation at Chevron Renaissance Shopping Centre, PappaRich, is changing the way Gold Coaster’s do breakfast with the launch of their unique breakfast menu.

The menu, which is now available at PappaRich, is winning over locals with their signature melting pot of bold flavours and exotic spices.

Expect a stellar menu bursting with unique breakfast options infused with traditional Malaysian flavours while maintaining a healthy balance of carbohydrates and protein.

If you have ever wanted a hamburger for breakfast but haven’t been able to find one before 11am, you must try PappaRich’s Roti John which translates to John’s Bread. A traditional favourite improvised for the Aussie palette, this taste sensation came about after a Malay hawker was tasked to produce a hamburger and the result is delicious.

Think soft rolls gently toasted before being smothered with PappaRich’s signature homemade aioli, then layered with crunchy lettuce, tomato and a unique minced chicken and scrambled egg mix. Top if off with a side of crunchy chips and you are in Malay breakfast heaven!

Lovers of roti will be right at home with plenty of menu options featuring the flaky, warm bread. At PappaRich you can have your roti served with dahl and curry sauce, eggs and onion or even wrapped with sliced banana and drizzled with maple syrup.

For those who are yet to try the taste sensation that is Hainan bread, then you are in for a treat at PappaRich. This fluffy, white bread use to be an exclusive luxury during colonial times but now it can be enjoyed any day at PappaRich.

Do as the Malay’s do and enjoy Hainan Bread spread liberally with a choice of traditional peanut butter, the Malaysian favourite kaya (coconut jam), drizzled with condensed milk, sprinkled with sugar or the much-loved French toast twist for the sweet tooth.

All PappaRich breakfast items can be bundled up with a serve of egg, either half boiled, fried or scrambled for an extra protein hit and a hot drink.

The PappaRich breakfast menu is available from 7:30am to 11am daily and is best paired with a cup or two of PappaRich’s famous Pappa White Coffee.

PappaRich Gold Coast is now open at shops 33/34 Chevron Renaissance Shopping Centre, 3240 Surfers Paradise Boulevard, Surfers Paradise.