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We asked our fashion stores

03 Feb 2017

Defining the personality of your brand, whether it be a shopfront or a designer label is tricky to visualise. So we asked some of our fashion retailers to share with us their style icon by answering… “If your store was a famous person, who would it be?” Here are their answers.

Destination 4217

Celebrity Muse: PINK

Pink the Singer Songwriter, is a strong woman who knows what she wants and goes out and gets it. She is edgy and classy; passionate and smart. Pink’s style can morph from tomboy to elegant style with surprising ease. She is strong, delicate, natural and authentic. A completely intriguing collection of adjectives, don’t you think?

Destination 4217 specialises in selecting quality apparel for the modern woman. If you are looking for a personally-selected, on-point curated collection of clothing, look no further. Sharon has an exceptional eye for detail. From the right touch of tassel, to the gorgeous lustre of natural shells, you will find something special about every piece. You too can morph with ease from one occasion to another, expressing oodles of personality to boot!


Boho Fashion Collection

Celebrity Muse: Vanessa Hudgens

Boho Fashion features an eclectic mix of bohemian style pieces perfect for a coastal lifestyle. It is fitting that the stunningly beautiful Vanessa Hudgens is their chosen muse. Vanessa rocks the boho look with a good dose of unadulterated youthful natural beauty. She favours flowing layered sheer fabrics with striking patterns, and mixes it up with rompers and playsuits for daytime wear. This style is so ‘now’, playful and open to individual experimentation. Come in to Boho Fashion Collection and let the style team guide you to your inner bohemian!



Celebrity Muse: Nicole Richie

Nicole Richie’s style is all about being bold without sacrificing comfort. She loves to experiment and embracing a wide variety of styles. Her fashion sense is a tapestry of personality, a visual dialogue with her inner and outer self perhaps? Bseduced love the playful nature of Nicole’s fashion - the wide array of colour pallette, the textures, the patterns - it all creates a wonderfully interesting wardrobe that is as versatile as the lady it embraces. At Bseduced, clothing is super affordable, so one thing is for sure - you don’t need a Nicole Richie budget to look and feel fabulous this season!


Togs Swimwear

Celebrity Muse: Emma Stone

Classy, modest and altogether feminine without being clichéed. Emma embodies an understated sophistication with a hint of steely cutting-edge style. Although Togs Swimwear are focused on swimwear, we can see how Emma embodies the spirit of their brand. It’s about clean lines and elegant accessories. Practicality where it matters and dazzle where it befits the occasion. Strong clean colour pallettes through to soft girly florals.