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Boho Essentials

23 Feb 2017

Boho Essentials

Wikipedia defines it as “ a style of fashion drawing on various bohemian and hippie influences, which, at its height in late 2005 was associated particularly with actress Sienna Miller and model Kate Moss in England and (as "bobo" chic) actress and businesswoman Mary-Kate Olsen in the United States.”

Even though Wiki feels it was at its height in 2005, we believe this style has a capacity to reinvent itself continuously and the current Boho has morphed into a favoured weekend street style and festival fashion norm. It is just as at home at Byron Blues fest, as it is walking the markets of Surfers Paradise.

Bohemian style originated from French gypsies. It shows off with a gypsy flair in its cobbled together array of fabrics, patterns and textures. As such, it’s really easy to pull off a Boho outfit with a few key essentials. It’s flirtatious by nature, so expect some skin revealing low cuts or cut-outs, plenty of bare shoulders and backless dresses.

Girls, get your inner French gypsy out and have some fun pulling off a timeless style with a few key boho essentials!

You will need:

  1. Anything with feathers. Don’t ask why, we’ve no idea. But feathers somehow pull a Boho outfit together. It screams (or maybe squawks!) old world accessories and a truly gypsy decoration. Your feathers can be small and fluffy, or big and plucky! They can be feathers on a necklace or stuck in a hat. Pop them anywhere and you will see immediate transformation
  2. Head pieces - wraps, bands and hair jewellery. Modern styles tend to neglect the head and what a shame that is! Hats, scarves, hair pieces are heaps of fun to wear and add that special something to an otherwise drab outfit. Imagine t-shirt and jeans, then imagine it again with a boater or a wide brimmed straw hat. See what we mean? It’s an instant ‘wow’. For boho, stick with natural fabrics. Pieces of wrapped leather, or straw hats, knotted beads in a hair wrap. Perfect!
  3. Lace cardigan, draped scarves or floral wraps. The thought of wearing anything extra in our summer has been nauseating, but we’re coming into Autumn now. We can start jazzing up our outfits with some lovely interesting layers. A bohemian always layers. In fact, the more layers, the better.
  4. Strappy sandals, or flat boots. Think of gypsies walking long distances beside their caravans or selling their trinkets in town. High heels would not cut the mustard. Channel this inner sensibility and give your feet a rest in some flat strappy sandals or some warm boots. You will look amazing and completely in style. Again, natural fabrics and textures are your guiding lights.
  5. Maxi skirt. We are all agreed, if you have a boho maxi skirt, your wardrobe is 70% boho perfect! Try muted tones or beiges and whites for ultimate versatility. This piece will see you from festival to shopping centre, with a little skill you may be able to even pull of a work ensemble.

So there you have it. Our top five essentials to pull off the perfect boho outfit. Just remember, have fun with it and embrace your own personal style. xx