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Swim 'Til You Win: 8 Ways To Rock A Bikini

26 Feb 2016

 Swim 'Til You Win: 8 Ways To Rock A Bikini

1. Be Confident

First and foremost, show that you've got it. By projecting outer confidence when wearing a bikini, you'll most likely feel just as amazing from the inside. Smile, stand tall and be proud of the body you have and the person you are. After all, self-confidence truly does emanate from within and it's a quality almost impossible to not find attractive.

2. Accessorise

If you're looking for that extra something, merge style with swimwear and top off your look with body jewellery, a sarong, sweet shades or a funky hat. Ideal for curvier women, mix and match your bikini top with your bottom where bold prints and patterns are sure to add definition, while wearing a sarong is both sexy and slimming. Whereas for straighter body types like the lean column and the rectangle, accessories, especially body jewellery like a body necklace or a sarong, can create the illusion of having fuller curves also.

3. Feel Good

While there are other ways to help you feel and look great in a bikini, exercise is plainly one of the most obvious ways, if not the best, to feel better about yourself. As endorphins are released during exercise, you'll experience greater mood elevation. Aerobics, in particular cardiovascular exercises such as walking, cycling and swimming, allow you to build muscular endurance so you can enjoy a regular workout at a pace best suited to your body, especially since summer is all year round on the Gold Coast!

4. Moisturise

Achieve healthier skin by moisturising daily so you can replenish and restore your skin cells so that when you slip into a bikini and hit the beach, you'll look softer and smoother. For an added touch and a sun kissed glow, try a tanned moisturiser, coconut oil and gradual or instant tan lotion.

5. Avoid Bloating

If you're aiming for a more toned and trim-looking body then try to avoid foods that will make you bloat at least two to three days before you put your bikini on. Specifically, steer clear of salty foods, carbohydrates and gassy foods such as onions and beans and instead, consume more natural diuretic foods like asparagus, pumpkin, spinach, kale, cherries, celery and tomatoes.

6. Get A Pedicure

Embrace the sun, get in the mood and lift your spirits because when it comes to warm weather and naturally obtaining Vitamin D, summer truly is happiness. Perfectly complement your bikini with a poolside pedicure, where brighter colours like orange and red, pretty pastels such as light purple and baby pink and hot neon colours including yellow and green, are sure to stand out.

7. Go Shopping

With extended wear, fabric tends to stretch, colour fades, fashion changes and of course, no bikini remains the same quality forever. For another excuse to go shopping and to feel and appear fresh, go out and buy the right bikini for your body. A skin-tight bikini which hugs your body is not only the most flattering in defining a person's body shape, but it will also boost your confidence without having to worry about any mishaps. After all, no one wants a nipple slip or a half-bare bottom.

8. Straighten Out

Having a good posture can work wonders for your appearance. By simply standing strong with your shoulders pushed back and your head high, you will naturally appear taller and more slender. One of the best ways to display a good posture is to just relax. Relieve tension and focus on what's important; have confidence, enjoy the sun, soak up the atmosphere, breathe and just chill out.