24 March 2017

A chocolate-less Easter

It’s nearly Easter - that time when we celebrate eggs, bunnies, chicks, new beginnings, and family. No matter what your traditions, Easter is a special occasion for children. It’s a little less hyped than Christmas, a bit more down to earth and not quite so focused on big ticket toys and similar expensive collateral.



As a child, nothing was more fun than scouring the garden and all its secret hidey holes for a glimmer of metallic foil and the promise of chocolate eggs - hopefully not yet melted. These days, the sheer overwhelming volume of chocolate morsels we managed to amass a generation ago would horrify most parents of today. Now we are far more wary of wrecking a perfectly good family gathering with a sugar fuelled aftermath. No thank you! If you cast your mind back though, you are likely to remember the actual ‘hunt’ with fondness rather than the chocolate. As with most things, it’s the experience, and everybody’s participation in it, that children remember most. It’s the laughter, the anticipation, the excitement, family gathered, great food to eat, unusual desserts to indulge in, lazy afternoons and games.

Far from being scrooges and taking all the fun out of Easter, today’s parents are getting creative and establishing new traditions with a reasonably portioned treat for the day. There’s no lack of Easter fun and tradition making with a good dose of creativity. We’ve done some digging to find you ten of the best chocolate-less Easter ideas.

  1. Fill a pretty basket with Easter themed craft that will keep the littlies busy on Easter weekend. Colouring in, pencils, a plaster egg to paint, there are many inexpensive craft items to be found even in your local grocery store.
  2. What could be more fun than having coloured eggsand hot cross buns for breakfast . Queen food colouring have a great guide to get you started:http://queen.com.au/learn-item/how-to-colour-easter-eggs/
  3. Whether your family tradition is a seafood barbeque, or an Italian antipasto extravaganza, make a point of enjoying a special Easter meal. Savour the flavours and take your time, enjoying a leisurely afternoon with friends and families.
  4. Make an Easter tree and hang decorated eggs and crafts from it. Children take great pride seeing their creations take centre stage on the dining room table.
  5. Do a treasure hunt with clues instead of eggs, and the clues lead to a basket of treats. This way you can control the volume of sugary goodies by incorporating basket ‘fillers’. Here’s a great little hunt by NetMums to get you started… https://www.netmums.com/easter/easter-egg-hunt-clues
  6. Easter gingerbreads or shaped biscuits are a great way to include a non-chocolate treat in the Easter hunt. How about making some fluffy bunny biscuits for dessert or gifts for friends? http://www.taste.com.au/recipes/fluffy-bunny-biscuits/cd1dac1b-3c7a-4500-b7df-897f329f6e76
  7. Play some backyard games with the children - the fun isn’t all about the egg hunt. Go old school and try egg and spoon races, twister, pin the tail on the bunny, hide and seek or a game of cricket. Get every guest to bring their own game to play.
  8. Make some Easter crayons and decorate a roll of brown paper to use as the table cloth! https://au.pinterest.com/pin/101260691600276524/
  9. Include some useful Easter gifts in your hunt - we love egg cups, egg moulds, Easter themed slippers or pyjamas etc.
  10. An adorable fluffy toy will never go unloved. Be sure to check our NewsXpress for a great selection of Easter gifts.