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Tips For A 'Tear Free' Santa Visit

17 Dec 2015

 Tips For A 'Tear Free' Santa Visit

1. Wait until they're old enough.

Not being old enough to comprehend what exactly is going on, means that old guy with the big belly and red suit might just scare the Christmas spirit out of your little one. After all, having a stranger hold you and speak to you without knowing who they are can be pretty intense. Until your son or daughter is old enough to simply 'get' Santa, maybe prevent the tears now.

2. Role Play Prior To Visiting.

Seriously, why not? Dress up as Santa at home, roam around and observe how your child reacts prior to the real thing. If they're frightened then you'll know it's not you, it's the costume.

3. Prepare a Christmas Checklist With Your Child.

Before their Santa visit, spend some quality time together writing a list of all the things they'd like to ask Santa for. This way they'll remember everything they'd like to ask Santa for, and won't be upset when their turn is finished. For an added touch, share a cup of warm cocoa or hot chocolate as you write together, all for making preparation just that bit more special.

4. Avoid the big mall or 'mainstream' Santa.

All children should feel special but with big-time Santas, business is business. Save your child the hassle of long queues, public meltdowns from restlessness and prevent the sadness that comes from little time with Santa. Instead, opt for visiting Santa at a smaller or independent shopping centre.

5. Visit Chevron Renaissance…

…where Santa likes to roam around and keep things flexible. And since our Santa doesn't sit on his behind all day, kids won't become restless from long lines because there aren't any! Chevron Renaissance is less crowded and our Santa is both very approachable and interactive, so the kids are in for a lot of fun and excitement!

6. Take Your Own Photos.

At Chevron Renaissance, you can take your own photos with Santa. By doing so, your kids are able to enjoy Santa's presence in a nice, relaxed environment without being intimidated by busy crowds. And for the parents, you also get to save money - win-win!

7. Bonus!

Not only will Santa Claus be around to meet and greet, take photos and have a jolly good time, but he'll also make sure your little one walks away with a big smile because while stocks last, each child will receive a free gift.