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Why skipping the snooze button can give you a head start on health

29 Aug 2017

 Why skipping the snooze button can give you a head start on health

The scoop is, those precious moments between rolling out of bed and chowing through breakfast are the best time to break in some positive new habits.

For most of us, that first hour after waking is when our behaviour is at its most habitual and ritualised, making it prime time to add in a new healthy morning routine.

Did you know Chevron Renaissance Shopping Centre hosts a weekly Health Walk every Wednesday from 6.30 to 6.30am in conjunction with Surfers Renaissance Chempro Pharmacy?

It’s a fun and social way to up your step-count for the day, followed by coffee and a catch-up with your fellow sidewalk warriors.

What better way to start your day, right?!

So how to make it stick? First up, plan your morning the night before. Work out what time you need to set your alarm, and the steps you will take to get out the door.

Want to get in some exercise before breakfast? Lay out your workout gear as a reminder to entice you out from under the doona come first light.

Next, skip that snooze button. Turns out, every time you drop in and out of sleep makes mornings a little harder by prolonging the effects of sleep inertia, leaving you groggy and tired.

Ok, so you’re out of bed. Now it’s time to get active. Mornings are when willpower is at its best, making it a great time to get moving before the challenges of the day begin to mount.

Why not join us this week and start walking towards a healthier, happier you?

Register your interest at Surfers Renaissance Chempro Pharmacy inside the Coles mall or online.