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Gluten Free Dining at Chevron Renaissance

17 Aug 2016

Gluten Free Dining at Chevron Renaissance

Chevron Renaissance’s restaurants offer some of the best gluten free dining in Surfers Paradise. If you are planning a visit to our beautiful part of the world, or are a local looking for a great meal in your city, here is your pocket guide to our edible offerings!

A cocktail party turns into a night of tortured starvation as tray after tray of battered delights navigate the room. It smells amazing, it looks divine, you’re utterly famished but a single bite will render you useless for days.

A typical dinner date allows you a menu choice of possibly two items, neither of which you find appealing. You’re not exactly spoiled for choice and you leave feeling a teensy bit deprived, maybe a little resentful!

For dessert, you can look at that doughnut dripping in chocolate with longing, or that cheesecake with its buttery crunchy biscuit layer, but it is very unlikely the gluten-free alternative even vaguely lives up to its wheaten cousin’s promise.

There are over 1.8 million people in Australia who either choose to eat gluten free, or need to. So there is no reason GF people should be made to feel like a green-skinned-alien sitting at the dinner table.

Whatever your reason for doing “gluten free” we say, “Hats off to you”! It’s tricky. You have your reasons. We don’t need to know them. However YOU NEED TO EAT, so get on down here and let’s get some great food coming your way!



This menu will not disappoint. Beautifully prepared food and textural decor set the scene for a memorable meal. Enjoy the sun and people watching under the striped umbrellas! Select from three antipasti dishes, two risottos, four mains, pizza on gluten free bases, and two dessert choices. You will not go hungry. Baritalia has gluten free breakfast options, and a very tempting drinks menu too!


Sardjiono’s Italian Restaurant


A cosy authentic Italian restaurant, with a bar to die for! Wait staff are genuinely exceptional and their menu is extensive. This family run business prides itself on offering the best Italian fare that even gluten-free diners can enjoy. Ales and his family are gluten free themselves, so they know a thing or two about cooking for you! They use a gluten free penne for pasta dishes, and a gluten free pizza base for the topping of your choice. Even breakfasters are catered for with their own gluten free bread. Fish, meat and salad meals can all be customised to cater for gluten sensitivities. And can we tempt you with an exotic cocktail while you wait for your meal to be prepared?


Betty’s Burgers


If you fancy a delectable burger, popular Betty’s Burgers give you the option of choosing a gluten free bun, or a “Bare Betty” which has no bun. You can dine in, or take away. We love to take our burgers down to the beach to watch the light fade over the ocean. Nothing says Surfers Paradise more than that!