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Vietnamese Banh Mi: Go and Baguette You Some!

08 Jan 2015

 Vietnamese Banh Mi: Go and Baguette You Some!

While Vietnam have been independent of French rule for near 60 years, the fusion of Banh Mi resonates the historical effect of French colonialism in Indochina and is still their national sandwich. Today, amongst the immigrated beauty of multiculturalism means that we too, are able to enjoy this fine combined delicacy.

The bread part of this Vietnamese Baguette is identified as Banh Mi, which is why some may also call this sandwich by its formal Vietnamese name of Banh Mi Thit to mean bread and meat. Banh Mi is similar to a French baguette with almost the same fluffiness, except it has a thinner crust and is made with both rice and normal flour resulting in a particularly crunchier taste and a lighter texture.

Depending on whether you purchase Banh Mi in-store or simply buy the baguette alone so you can make the rest at home, the inside contents may vary but generally there’s a set variety of meats and soy fillings to choose from. These commonly include tofu, grilled chicken, pork pate, pork floss, mayonnaise, sour pickled daikon and carrots, soft meatballs, cucumber slivers, Maggi seasoning sauce, soy sauce, jalapeño pepper slices, spicy chilli sauce, a creamy pate or butter and many more. To conclude this deliciousness, a plentiful topping of Asian herbs such as coriander, cilantro, fresh spicy chillies and mint are also added into the mix.

And through so much variety, Banh Mi proves the perfect culmination of flavours to provide you with a satisfying meal that your tastebuds can really hold onto.