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Easter ideas (while social distancing)

Easter ideas (while social distancing)

1. An indoor Easter egg hunt

Lead the ultimate egg hunt around the house and garden with clues for a perfect treasure trail!

Plan your route, then lay your clues and treats. Here are five clues to get your creative juices flowing:

  • The Easter Bunny has laid a trail of gold and the best place to look is somewhere cold. 
  • This hiding place may be out of sight, but think of somewhere warm where you sleep at night.
  • Mummy usually drinks tea in a cup and when she's finished where do you wash it up
  • When you wish upon a star, do you look up from where you are?
  • Take a look, what do you use to cook eggs?  

2. Create DIY Emoji Easter Eggs

A simple and fun way to decorate your own Easter eggs. 

3. Order in your Easter lunch

If you typically go out for Easter or head to Grandma's for a family lunch - don't take it upon yourself to cook up a multi-course meal! Consider supporting a local business and pick up your meal from Bar Italia, Sardjiono'sSushi Izakaya, Betty's Burgers or GC Sushi! 

You can place your odrer a few days in advance so that everything can run smoothly on Easter Sunday. 

4. See family and friends - Virtually

Thanks to video apps like FaceTime, HouseParty, Zoom, Google Hangouts and Messenger Video you can still share Easter lunch or dinner with your family and friends. Spread out the feast and share the love online. 

We hope you have a lovely Easter!