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Cooler Weather, Hotter Fashion: 5 Items You Need

27 Apr 2016

The weather may be cooling down, but your style is about to get hotter. Throw in the towel and opt for warmer wear this mild winter with these 5 must-have items.

1. Off The Shoulder.

Bare those beautiful shoulders and keep it tastefully sexy on a colder night out with a chic off-the-shoulder piece. Pair an off shoulder top with a pencil skirt and you're ready to party, flaunt an off shoulder maxi or midi dress for a formal occasion or otherwise, team an off-shoulder blouse with a pair of blue denim jeans and you're casual-cool. The off-the-shoulder midriffs were a summer hit and now, thanks to the blouse and longer dress varieties - there's no need to sacrifice this savvy cut!

2. Cape Shirts.

Wonder Woman meets fashionista, and boy is she ready to take over! The cape shirt transforms your typical collar shirt into an edgy, high-fashion blouse, which as the name suggests, appears similar to a cape as it gently drapes alongside your outer arms without covering them. Whether for corporate cocktail or just keeping it classy,the cape shirt looks best in crisp white for really defining this item's clean cut. This design is the perfect in-between-the-seasons piece and makes a precious staple in any wardrobe. And for when you need to keep cosy and cute, cape sweaters are your best bet.

3. Jumpsuits.

Don't freeze outside in a mini dress, because you can still keep warm and look sexy in a happenin' jumpsuit. Feel the funk on the dance floor with ample leg room below and a flattering cut on top, this garment is your best friend for when you need to both look and play the part. You can never go wrong with an all-black jumpsuit, simply add a pair of wedge or platform heels and some statement jewellery - and you're ready to get your groove on! And if it's not too cold or if you prefer to keep it short, playsuits allow you to either dress it up or down and thanks to their bottom short cut, you'll also keep comfortable.

4. Monochrome.

Timeless and always on point, black and white garments prove the ultimate essential. Whether you love your black-and-white stripes, polka dots or like to mix and match with a white top and a black bottom or vice versa, you can do no wrong with monochrome. Regardless of the occasion, the beauty of having the right black and white pieces is that you're able to rock it whether heading out for the day with your denim jacket or strutting into the bar with your red heels. And with just a few staple monochrome garments, you can create several looks.

5. Lace-Up Heels.

Perfectly complement your outfit with a stunning pair of lace-up or strappy heels.Team this shoe with a crisp white shirt and tan shorts or be bold with a luxurious nude coat and white jeans and let your heels do the talking! This alluring wrap-around shoe type beautifully flatters any foot and when added to your outfit, is both complementary and loud alike - so you'll be turning heads in no time!

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