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Winter travel destinations

21 Apr 2017

We feel the cold creeping in like a stealthy thief! Without even realising it we are grabbing the cardigan as we head out the door. (It might sound a bit granny-ish buy hey… a good lightweight cardi is seriously undervalued! It’ll be the cardi wearer sitting there in the office with the smug “I’m warm and you’re not!” look on her face!)

As we head into our winter-ish weather, we are pondering a tempting getaway. Our criteria is simple. Somewhere that takes you far from the norm, and offers a refreshing experience that will have us revitalised for the next six months of the year. That’s not too much to ask, is it?

It’s a great time of year to travel. You won’t miss out on any beach time and you can still keep up your summer tan if you head to the warmer side of the planet. There are lots of off season specials if you can get away at the right time. Try avoid school holiday periods and you’ll save yourself a fortune.

Our friends at Flight Centre have helped with a couple of great suggestions. We thought we’d share them with you.

Head inland. Winter is a great time to head into the interior of Australia. With so many untouched magnificent and wild landscapes, we are truly spoiled. Uluru is a top pick. It offers a good range of accommodation styles which can cater to a luxury couple experience, or a family budget experience. Uluru itself is a wonder and we fancy the sounds of silence dinner. It’s not every day you get to dine in a desert with the setting sun and a giant rock as a backdrop. Don’t expect a short flight there - many people underestimate the vastness of Australia, but we think gaining that insight is part of the attraction.

Also inland, Carnarvon Gorge is a popular destination. This is best done as a driving holiday with booked accommodation or camping sites. Winter is the best time to visit and the scenery will not disappoint. White sandstone cliffs, plenty of bushwalks, wildlife and aboriginal rock art are the reason people travel here.

Snow holidays are the highlight of many people’s calendars. Flight Centre tell us that there are so many different ski destinations. You really should pop in to chat to them. From our home ground Perisher through to New Zealand’s world famour slopes it will be a holiday that will have you going back for more next year.

According to many, the best time to visit Bali is April-Sep. The prices of accommodation are cheaper and the weather is slightly milder. Being a tropical country, Bali is hot and humid year round, making it perfect for lounging around pools, walking on beaches and enjoying the sun!

For many coasties, Hawaii is loved and adored. There literally is no bad time to visit the Hawaii region. With a choice of 6 islands, great food and friendly culture, it’s a truly happy-soul place.

For more information and a huge number of other destinations, visit Flight Centre at Chevron Renaissance Shopping Centre!