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Your Fast Fix To 5 iPhone 6 Issues

15 Apr 2016

Your Fast Fix To 5 iPhone 6 Issues

1. Email Updates Unavailable.

You've synced your work address but for some bizarre reason, your emails aren't coming through. This is a classic glitch, preventing new emails and updates from working. A few ways to fix this?

  • Turn 'Airplane Mode' on and off.
  • Settings > Mail, Contacts, Calendars > Fetch New Data (Push) and ensure that 'Push' is On. Under the option 'Push', you will read "New data will be pushed to your iPhone from the server when possible". Scroll further down and you will see the alternative and battery-saving option 'Fetch', where you can select at which interval you would like your iPhone to search for new emails.
  • Via Settings > General > (scroll to the end) Reset - select 'Reset Network Settings'.
  • Via Settings > Mail, Contacts, Calendars - delete the email account that you're having difficulty with, and then re-add it to start anew.

2. Randomly Switches Off And Won't Switch On.

This is one of the most common issues that iPhone 6 users will experience, especially after hitting that Sleep/Wake ('On/Off') button several times with no luck. If you try the following solutions and cannot fix this problem, then you may need a phone repair or to fix your Sleep/Wake button. But first, have a go at these:

  • Hold down both the Sleep/Wake and Home buttons at the same time for 30 seconds, then you should eventually see the screen turn on with the Apple logo.
  • Dead battery? Charge your iPhone for at least half-an-hour, then turn it on or it might even turn on by itself.
  • When you connect your iPhone to your computer and open 'iTunes', if you see your smart device is in recovery mode - you'll need to restore it.

3. Cracked Screen.

One drop and smash! You've just smashed the screen of what was once a pretty good-looking phone. Beyond its tainted appearance, having a cracked screen can also mean internal damage to your hardware from such collision.

4. Hard To Hear Throughout Calls.

What? Sorry, what was that? Sorry I can't hear you? Can you go somewhere quiet? If lines like these are all you can get into a conversation, then you need to fix this annoying issue pronto. Making and answering calls are easy, but hearing the other person speak is tough regardless of full volume. To fix this, tack a whack at these:

  • Turn the 'Volume' button as high as possible, then when you make or accept a call - notice that there should be a ringer volume instead of a headphones button.
  • Via Settings > General > Accessibility, turn off 'Phone Noise Cancellation'. This hearing option "reduces ambient noise on phone calls when you are holding the receiver to your ear", so it could negatively affect your sound quality.
  • Using a case or screen protector, having dust or something in the headphone port, can create blockages or lessen your ability to hear clearly. So, ensure that your speaker grill is both clear and clean.
  • If you're usually plugged into a headset or your car system, turn off your Settings > Bluetooth to make sure you're actually disconnected, because these and other external devices could be interfering.

5. Touchscreen Won't Respond.

What's a touchscreen if touching it doesn't work?! If you're screen is unresponsive and jamming it a whole heap still isn't working, or if you experience a slow response especially when using the keyboard, then you need to figure out whether a quick fix or a repair is what you need. First, ensure your data is backed up to iCloud then test these fast fixes:

  • Also suggested for Problem 2 on this list: hold down both the Sleep/Wake and Home buttons at the same time for 30 seconds, then you should eventually see the screen turn on with the Apple logo. Restarting your iPhone 6 may fix this issue.
  • Via Settings > General > Reset > Reset All Settings; perhaps resetting your iPhone 6 will do the trick. Note: your data will be saved but you'll be required to re-set other fields including passwords, Touch ID and your wallpaper.

If you need any further help, visit the mobile phone experts at Tech Pros, located at Chevron Renaissance Shopping Centre.